Morsi to UN: End Israeli occupation

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  1. dan wessel says:

    You can see by the headlines,where we are in Bible prophecy.America will also,I believe,recieve the ‘leader’we deserve.There are alot of godly men and women who are fighting the good fight,and trying to expose Obama for the fraud he is…but it falls on deaf ears,because the people do not have a heart for the truth.They want to be lied to,and often.History has a way of replaying itself to the unregenerate generations,throughout generations.We are at an important place in history.We have Bible prophecy,which is history written in advance to prove God’s trustworthiness,to us,so we are without excuse to say we didn’t know.or no one told us.God told us,so the responsibility fall fairly on us..What do we do with these truths? Believe…and tell others. Dan.w

  2. dan wessel says:

    Obama is the poker in the fire of Islam,poking this way and that.He knows full well what he is doing.Fanning the flames of hatred,stirring up muslims,so that they will seek revenge on us [the great satan].He skillfully used the mask of christianity,feigning concern for Christ,pretending to chastise muslims for their lack of tolerance at the U.N.My spiritual radar was in full operation,I don’t believe a communist,marxist,muslim who dosn’t know truth,because he hasn’t surrendered to truth…CHRIST. Jesus is our only hope.Not Satan inspired wannabes,who mesmerize the masses while actually saying nothing at all.I’m so thankful Christ,not Obama,..has the last word.

  3. Have a safe journey my friend, and please pray for Israel and [what’s left of] America.

    Here are a few reasons for serious prayer:

    Hillary Brings Brotherhood’s Huma Abedin to Netanyahu Meeting

    Obama-Clinton Furious Over Netanyahu U.N. Speech

    Sharia Comes to America: Feds Arrest Producer Of Anti-Islam Film (OK, it is most likely a false flag operation.. but this is supposed to be “America”)

    Bibi Sets Red Lines at U.N….O’Bama goes to Florida

    Video: Netanyahu’s Speech at The U.N. 2012

    Obama orders FBI ‘NOT’ to treat terrorist groups as potential threats

    Why isn’t the FBI investigating the Benghazi terrorist attack?

    Egypt’s Morsi Dictates, Threatens U.S.A.

    The United States is an idolatrous nation (Or region of the United Nations) Repent.

    “Israel has continued too long … the battle has come in which we shall destroy Israel” … President of Egypt, 1967

    “Israel should be eliminated from the pages of history” … President of Iran, 2006

    “Israel is a cancerous tumour that should be cut and will be cut” … Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 2012

    The term ‘all nations’ appears to be precisely that (rather than Middle East nations local to Israel) if it is to be consistent with Zech 14.9; the Lord cannot be King over part of the earth! Now if all world leaders attack Israel, this implies a change of policy in America, or even the absence of America on the world scene! Bear in mind that the nations will be under the World Government which will be vehemently anti-Christian and anti-Jewish.

    Shalom brother John, be well and please pray.

  4. Dana says:

    you know president Karzi (Afghanistan) stool up there at The U.N. General Assembly and said the same that, that Israel was occupying Palestine the same day eralier.

  5. Our friend Georges’ (in Canada) brother is trapped in Aleppo Syria. Please pray for his safety. He is a Christian missionary.

    Also, if you have a moment, get updates on the Obama/Clinton war against the Christians (and Jews) in the Middle East. And pray for their safety.

    Christians Flee Sinai After Death Threat

    U.S. Sends Millions to Al Qaeda & Muslim Brotherhood

    Hillary Brings Brotherhood’s Huma Abedin to Netanyahu Meeting

    Obama-Clinton Furious Over Netanyahu U.N. Speech

    Sharia Comes to America: Feds Arrest Producer Of Anti-Islam Film

    Video: Netanyahu’s Speech at The U.N. 2012

    Bibi Sets Red Lines at U.N….O’Bama goes to Florida

  6. Keith O. says:

    John, have you seen this ridiculous glorification of the Bolshevik Revolution? Are Americans really this stupid?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      This is what happens to a person’s mind when they turn from God.
      He turns them over to a reprobate mind.

  7. Keith O. says:

    This is just further evidence that there is no political way out for the U.S. :
    This and the fact that Ryan voted for the NDAA act of 2011, a piece of legislation that would make many of us here posting on this site “terrrorists” and as such we could be locked up indefinetely with charges or due process. McCain voted for it too, if I’m not mistaken. You need to look to the Lord because America is done.

  8. Mrs. CJB says:

    Michael T., thanks for the great info. Praying for all of the pastors and missionaries in all hostile areas.

  9. Mrs. CJB says:

    Keith @ #’s 7 & 8, these two posts just show that in America truth is trully stranger than fiction! This stuff is so unbelievable and it can’t be made up.

  10. Mrs. CJB says:

    I apologize for the error in my post to Keith O, I meant to reference post #’s 6 & 8, not #’s 7 & 8, Brother John

    • Keith O. says:

      It’s almost surreal, isn’t it? Like we’re having some out of body experience. I guess that is what happens when you choose to divorce yourself to the world and marry yourself to the Lord. At least some of us will never will ever be comfortable with worldly compromise.