Most Powerful Hurricane in a Decade Hits US Mainland

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  1. danw says:

    What is it that every president wants to ‘part the land of Israel’.!Hands off!IT’s not yours to give away.If you want to give them something,give them something of yours.Israel is GOD”S land…not to be handed out.God already gave it to the Jews.Trump needs new advisors..seems like he has the leftovers from previous administrations.Other administrations always ‘clean house’ and get people in to advance their agenda..whats up prez? Why can you not get rid of deep state,and put in God fearing men and women?I pray I didn’t waste my vote.

  2. Jackie says:


    Just wondering. Have you ever given thought to sending President Trump a copy of your book As America has done to Israel? I think it would be a blessing to him. I don’t know where he stands with GOD but I do believe he is a vessel being used by our Father. I am so thankful that I have a copy of your book and because of it I have been able to talk to others about the Lord.

    Thank you

  3. Jackie says:

    I don’t think you wasted your vote. I know GOD heard the prayers from His children and is using Mr. Trump to do His will. Ever wonder if the people are still praying like they did in the days before the election. How many are beseeching GOD and asking the Holy Spirit to take ahold of our president and turn him to Jesus.
    I really don’t think most people, even Christians, realize the significance of the dividing of the land. I am of a mind that the meaning of a “covenant” is brushed off today too and not taken seriously by most.

    We, who have been called by His name, need to become more humble and yet strong in our walk, talk and the way we come across to others.

    We need to pray to GOD like Daniel did in Daniel 9:1-23..probably every single day.
    GOD is so merciful but one would have to think His patience must be coming close to ending.

  4. KimW says:

    I truly believe that once revealed we will find that our Congressmen & Senators are blackmailed by people like the clintons for pedophilia. In the end it will be revealed that our elite were all ready for the millstone.

  5. danw says:

    I still love and pray for our prez,it is however very vexing to see the stranglehold satan has on politicians..[I don’t believe the Donald is one!]…it seems when evil gets the ball,they run like the wind…but when a good or Godly person gets their [turn]…it is always a crawl uphill on a greased rail in the dark,blindfolded,with both hands tied behind our backs with all sorts of garbage hurled at us.I KNOW God is with him,[the prez.].The most important thing is he know s Jesus as his Lord and Savior…then after that,stand with Israel,to heck with the fake palestinians or their fake cause.We can do everything right,but if we get Israel wrong,the other stuff won’t matter at all.

  6. danw says:

    You are very welcome…It is my honor.God bless you brother.

  7. jamesestrange says:

    I believe, Mr. McTernan, if you could have a one to one talk with our President, you could make him see the true picture. Have you tried to talk to him. We are praying you will.