MSNBC Conspiracy Theorist Goes on Insane Rant, ‘We’re Not Going to Play Fair’ to Put President Trump in Prison (VIDEO)

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  1. dan.w says:

    Mr.mcfeely…uncle Joe the perv.Your ‘party’ laughs at you.You are past due in their eyes.You are not a hard core commie like them.Just a sodom loving,boot licker from everyones past.We all know the past is irrelevant..right gen-whatevers?We are in deep doo doo…because the ‘believers are mostly silent…Silent Christian,Awol Christian…All is calm,all is quiet..round the burning man,round the queer flag…Don’t want to be seen,as a backward truth hag..Christ is coming for His Church…..Are you gonna be left in the lurch???Silent ones,spineless ones..all men walk.on your backs, all the day long.They smile as they take down the Cross that you love..even your ‘flag’,then slap you with a glove..[it’s pink ya know!]…now we await our fate….we peed it away…us ingrates….Quiet Christian,our silence does us in….We know no shame,but to be called by His name..In front of a world that has nary a care,Not knowing or waiting,for the One,in the air..Who has told them whats to come??.Not us,cause we are deaf,blind and dumb….Awake from your sleep,cause we are in deep…Will the Bridegroom come, see no oil in your lamp..the fire is out..the wick,she is damp….Oh,where oh where is the Faithful?…I’m sure I’ve said more than a mouthful. Dear brothers/sisters in Christ.Arise. Please……America is being lost because we have failed to heed Christs command…To be fishers of men.When we fish for mens souls…a country could be saved too,if even for one more generation. God bless all you LIVING Saints.

  2. dan.w says:

    When you post these pictures from around the world brother John…we get to see what real Christianity and real Christians look like.These new believers may not know a lot of Bible yet,but I bet they will be great witnesses for Jesus,and His power to save.They will be fishers of men.I’m afraid that truth is not taught much at most churches.We do win the ‘war’ the end..its the battle we lose..because of our not heeding Jesus commands.We should be not only ashamed of ourselves,but better students of the word..seeing for ourselves that our eternal destiny and education of Gods word is in our hands.We can choose ignorance’no excuse’..or total surrender to Christ.If we don’t plant for the Lord..we sow satans seed.Thank you for updating us.God bless..and Lord willing..I can come along side you to help in some know..[the letter].

  3. dan.w says:

    Looking forward to them.Thanks for being there brother.

  4. David Bumbier says:

    Brother John thanks for another great article. And I always enjoy Dan W’s input and comments. I heard someone say once ” people don’t care how much you know ’til they know how much you care” Thanks for caring for the salvation of the lost. God bless you, your family, and your ministry.

  5. dan.w says:

    Father God,please bless this ministry beyond measure..and all who love the Lord.