Muslim spies fired by Congress in DC

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  1. danw says:

    Great article.I say drain the whole swamp,and let the bottomfeeders dry out in the sun.Let there be no hiding place for those who hate America,and what it was founded upon.Lets grease the rails and get those who would do us harm…out of here.No hiding behind skirts,hoodies or little children.I’m not a political person,but I believe the Lord has given us a fresh wind..that means for us,to put up the sails,and go like we never had before for the Lord.What a blessing to see Mike Pence at Trump’s side,I see a united front against evil..not just mealy mouthed word’s that drip from the tongue as the Bushes were famous for.Donald has keen sight,insight,and if he stay’s on his knee’s before the Lord,we could see some incredible thing’s yet transpire.Let fear grip the Rhino’s in the G.O.P party.That go’s for the [log cabin’homosexual’s entrenched in that party as well].Let’s Be on our knee’s continually before God in thankfulness,and humility for this reprieve.God bless you all.

  2. danw says:

    Thank you Donald Trump for throwing a big frickin rock in the gears of the NWO machine.The sound of the crunch was music to my ears.Wouldn’t cha just love to see all the God haters,soro’s,the pope,all the worlds puppets get on a train in dizneyland…and fade off into the sunset?I know..just a dream…but..some dreams do come true.