MUST SEE VIDEO: California Doctors of Immunology: Only Sick and Elderly Should be Quarantined, Businesses Should Open, and State is Pressuring Drs. to Add COVID-19 Numbers

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  1. dan.w says:

    I have heard it said,[second hand] doc to another…Unless it’s a car accident or a gunshot wound…lump it in with the ‘corona virus’.This is a massive brainwash operation straight from the illuminati via satan’s playbook.The evil one knows the majority of the worlds population believe ‘the lie’…spoonfed from the lying media.Just like Adolf Shickelgruber would do..say the lie often,and loudly.Keep repeating it until it becomes the ‘new truth’.Most of the world is on ‘volunteer lockdown because they heed their pied piper,satan.A psychology move,the major media repeat a ‘mantra’ to a suggestive audience.In reality…this fake pandemic is triggered by the word…..wait for it….pandemic.Which immobilizes the mind into a paralytic to the ‘next suggestion’.The world is waiting for it’s next orders.They want Trump out of the way and have stated as much,willing to crash the world economy if need be.They are almost there.America was a ‘sick man’ a dead man walking….Satan wants America out of the picture so he can try to destroy Israel.We are presently standing in the way…but for how long.This Plandemic is not yet done unfolding…..We will NEVER return to pre-plandemic days.I see many ministries have been co-opted using the terms the world doe’s.This IS NOT a pandemic people.Wake the heck up,please……….This is a bum rush to the NWO.Resist it at all costs.Do not carry the ball for the devil and his linebackers.Get the Gospel out there in your area of influence,before ‘they’ come to the door and silence you for good.See the signs…They are screaming at you….Wake up.Don’t believe the lie.Operate out of Faith and not fear.Most people are not afraid of dying without Jesus…but many people are terrified of dying by a ‘virus’.Gee…i wonder why? Perhaps because they were ‘programmed’.

  2. dan.w says:

    I just read today that Bill Gates wants to vaccinate 7 billion people…or everyone in the world. Let that sink in.Just had to tell all of you.My take?…..No thanks.

  3. dan.w says:

    Trump announces ‘Operation warp speed’… vaccinate every American.