Nellie Ohr’s Pivitol Role in the Russiagate Scandal – Yesterday She Was Criminally Referred to the DOJ

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  1. dan.w says:

    Father God…once again…thank YOU…for my and other’s answered prayer’s.The deep state,i.e.the swamp critter’s are being trotted out…by name.Every name so far has been on my radar,thank’s to You.All I ask Lord is that You bring us back to seeing Christ as front and center,and taking down the deep state,which is satan’s right arm,and bless Mr.Trump and the faithful one’s at every turn.Make truth and righteousness win the day,and evil get crushed.Give the clinton cartel,[all of them]..their ‘cake’.Let them eat it till they cannot anymore.Bring to full circle,the full fruit of their evil..home to roost on them,as they have mocked You and spit on Godliness.Fill their cup to the full,overflowing..until they see the full end of ‘their salvation’.I don’t ask that You hurt them in any way…but just give them what they really worked for,[in Your economy]…….Thank You Father,for Your Son,Our Savior…Jesus..King of King’s…

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God..please deal with the criminal left.Stand firm with the A.G,Mr.Barr,and my president.Prosecute and lock up the ‘perps’..who would sink America.Shut em down Lord..all of them..Thank You..Amen.

  3. dan.w says:

    Barr,by law,cannot show the report unredacted..but if he did…ALL the demoncrats would be in there..light shown on them.Hellery,her perv husband..Bill the Zipper..umah..Hellery’s ‘lover’..Wienerman,her husband..another perv…the list is endless.Mulehair,conehead..trump’s former taillicker lawyer[liar]..barry soetoro..the babush’s..all of em..John Mclame,John kareless…we could write a book..but,in today’s politically incorrected bizarro world ….who can or doe’s read anymore?..all I know is God keep’s score…So..for now..the clintonbodycount might stand by the obamacrimes is now….but the Lord misses nothing.Payday alway’s comes……..When the demoncat’s/rhino’s go for Trump’s 30 year’s back finance’s to find dirt…you know they have NOTHING…….Lord..please turn the ‘mirror’ of Your justice on the foul one’s…and let’s see what happen’s…..Oh…what is that I smell..???Oh…it’s the rotting corpse’s of satan’s toadie’s………taste’s like ‘chicken’…everything doe’s…..Right?