Netanyahu in charge of Israeli Government

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  1. dan.w says:

    God bless our president.He is very measured,calm and focused.He knows who the enemies are..and because like wild hornets or bee’s that insist upon not leaving you alone..he,[Trump] will be used of God to take their evil planned for him,and turn the ‘mirror’ back on them.The left has no answer,no solution no truth..only hate and vitriol for anything good,Godly,true or right.They hate order,and like their father the snake..just kill anything good and feed on trash and chao’s…Father God…squash the little piggie’s like slime beneath Your feet.Use Trump to do it.He is willing Lord.Make our president an example of Your kindness and blessing to all who would come to You in love and Jesus Name,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    I’ve had some ‘run in’s’..with a retired [pastor].I genuinely like the guy..he,however takes issue with me on some front’s.I’m all for church unity whenever possible.He believe’s I am ‘rogue’..or a lone ranger Christian.My take is…I take my order’s from Christ..and that living out the command to reach the lost.My personal feeling is that I’m not dealing so much with a Christian who opposes me,as much as maybe I’m ruffling his feather’s because all sign’s point to him as a ‘religionist’I refuse to be looked at as a Christian in rebellion by him.It seem’s to me if he could put me in a ‘box’ and get me to shut up…that would fix things for him… can do.I take my order’s from Jesus.Hey,there is no shortage of lost people out there!..Why don’t you,[he] get outside of those stale four wall’s and get the Gospel out there!I welcome it…..and may God bless him when he doe’s…The ‘lost people’seem to welcome me and the free Jesus movie’s I get out…but my pastor friend would rather it be chained to the pulpit..[my take on it]..Sound familiar?….Like the apostle Paul said…I count all as dung in order to know Christ..and Him crucified.Thank You Jesus..for making me a ‘rebel’..You can use.May You be praised forever..