New 666 Surveillance System Post: Life in the Electronic Concentration Camp

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  1. Judy says:

    Recently I was watching a TV program and a commercial came on that offered “free phones’, free internet free, free free. This is one of the ways that people will be trapped by the anti-Christ. Get the populace into your grip with ‘free’ and you’ve got them. The welfare, giveaway programs are the hook. On the threat of having these freebees taken away will result in a stronger support for the ‘giver’ of the freebees. Tattoos have become more and more acceptable. Get a tattoo with that number that identifies you and it is the “mark” that will track you. Because the Bible has been put on the banned list by the ALA (American Library Association) the lost will not have a chance to look else where for guidance. Times are short. Jesus doesn’t lie. He is coming back. Oh I can’t wait!!!

    • You are sure right about the library. And you are right about the freebees and the American obsession with them.. They don’t care what it is..if it is free it is to be jumped on! NO BIBLES? That is fulfillment of prophecy…In the last days “there will be a famine, not of food but of the Word of God.” Paraphrased. Are those days here now? Yes. You have to be blind or Biblically illiterate not to see it staring in our faces. You are also right about The Rapture coming soon. It is at the door. OH yes, and Jesus did say in Proverbs 1 and 2 that because there will be those who cast his words behind their backs that when they cry out he will not answer. We better snatch the opportunity while today is still called today.

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  3. Judy Haught says:

    I carry a tracfone in my purse while my husband has a cell on him when we are out together. When we are in a store we contact one another if we are ready to meet. I buy minutes for my little phone and yesterday I had to go where I could get a signal to add them. The phone would not take them. I have never had this problem before. I had to call the number given to me on phone and I was told by tech they are replacing these phones and will be sending me a new one. I was shocked. Why?
    I had to give info and the new one will come and transfer the mins. etc., over to it when I call them. Then it hit me. This is a Government thing going on here. A tracking device will no doubt be in it.
    I then had to go to the P.O. and mentioned what had just happened and a lady there said her husband had same thing done to him as well. So, here we go…. one more step closer to losing privacy. This is my opinion.

  4. Dan.w says:

    They don’t call it ‘tracfone’ for nothing.I had the same thing happen to me.My new ‘phone’ is probably better able to find me,because,I know that’s why it was really made.I use it only for emergencies,not to blah,blah on.I keep it off/doe’s that really matter?….doubt it,until needed.Yes, we are the’sport’ being watched,reported on,etc.Your T.V.,may watch/listen in,your computer may as well.It’s fact that when a phone is hung up,someone can still hear you if they want to.We have ‘smart meters,and all appliances will be able to ‘narc’ you out,right down to your thermostat.Cars have had ‘black boxes’in them since 1980 that record enough stuff to probably get your license revoked,if it were checked.We are cattle to the elite,who want to turn us this way and that,until they tire of us,and then try to dispose of us…as so much garbage.Thank God Jesus has the final say.He may use all of these as tools in His hands,but,we are in His hands as well,and there is no safer place to be.Come,our Lord Jesus.We await.