New Rules of engagement between Syria and Israel, as Russia changes its position

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  1. dan.w says:

    It looks really serious and like we are in a ‘new’ chapter in Bible prophecy.Russia,Israel,Syria and other nations are coming into focus as never before in new but predicted ways.God doe’s have Israel’s back..we need to still pray for her and the people though.Cultural,powerless churches are being exposed and they do share more in common with the left because they at some point have either left their first love,[Jesus],or never really had it.We are either pawns of the evil one or tools in the masters hand,[God].We can make the choice.The false church will take the fight to us as enemie’s of God,locking arm’s with all the armie’s of satan,and his world system with it’s directives,plans and protocols.They will and do twist scripture to their own destruction,and they will be left behind with the rest of the lost to face antichrist and judgment.God bless you brother John…for everything.

  2. dan.w says:

    A merry Christ filled Christmas,brother John and all you faithful saints.

  3. Dave B. says:

    Another great article Brother John. And as usual a great response from Dan W. Thank you John. It’s also encouraging to hear of your ministry in Africa. Merry Christmas! Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

  4. dan.w says:

    I really like the idea the triple amputee American hero war veteran has about raising funds for the wall.He says if each of us who voted for Trump would kick in 80 bucks,we could fund it.Trump is trying really hard to keep his promise to us.I have some idea’s as well.How about instead of peace corps volunteering,we who love this country each donate some of our time to help build it?,or for prison reform..How about letting non violent work release prisoners help build it,giving them reduced sentencing and a certificate showing they could be an asset to society again?..Or..all three.We must also insure that our laws are enforced even with ‘regime change’..that this will not be a futile effort……We must reduce any incentives that would bring people in for ‘freebies’….Most importantly..lets all get the Gospel out to our fellow ever God has gifted you…because a changed heart is a new person.