New ‘Squad’ talking point: Boycotting Israel like boycotting Nazi Germany

2 Responses

  1. Dom says:

    God is not mocked by these modern day Jezebels and they will suffer the same fate.

  2. dan.w says:

    A nation that wants,’babies’ and women to rule them are a nation under judgment.I thank God for Godly women and children..but these long haired lasses from the cesspool are bad news for our country.It shows that without Godly men and women stepping up to the plate..praying,fishing for God,[soul winning,voting with discernment]..we are fast becoming a lesser hellhole like other godless nations who are commie/marxist,pantheistic.We are almost out of time…we can blame obammy…but it’s not his fault.He is merely the fruit from the tree of our apathy.Same with the clinton crime cartel,the bushnik’s,etc.The globalist only marches to satan’s tune..and so do his bit players.Yes America…Christian in name only is doing us in.Until blood bought Jesus followers do what Jesus required of them..believe and obey..we will lose our country.Yes we have a home in heaven,but Christ knows who is ‘playing Christian’ and who IS one..One group will fill heaven..the other group…..will fill the ‘other place’. We need fire and brimstone preaching because fear is a better tool than lollypops to keep ones soul out of Hell.We don’t need to tickle the ears..we need to spank the rebels…so hard their grandparents feel it.A fake Christian is like a counterfeit will fail you every time.Father God..weed out the false believers so our prayers and actions have real effect.