New York Times Blames Evangelical Christians for Coronavirus

3 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    Yep…us Christians and ‘The Donald’ are in ‘the way’ of the NWO,i.e.illuminati,globalist baby killer,plant lickers.They worship at the alter of Self….and God is judging the false god of mammon as we speak.Don’t worry new agers and occultists…Very soon we will be ‘gone’..and perhaps ‘The Don’ will come with us??..then you can all bend and scrape to the antichrist….and see what a real evil taskmaster is like.The God haters will see us again..with Jesus at the lead.Go ahead…make HIS day!..Throw all your stuff at the Lord……and with one breath..all the unrepentant and the proudfull will if they never were….Now is the day of salvation.Here the voice of the Lord speak into your heart..of your need of Him.It is only HE who can save you from the wrath to come…….Eternity is Hell..without Jesus.It really is…….

  2. dan.w says:

    In a way..the New York Times is right…It is our fault…to some degree,because it happened on OUR watch.Where were we?We have cultural christianity which is a pretender.The world cannot tell the diff between the fakes or us….Once they infiltrated the was as a death knell to modern christianity.One must be ‘born again’ to be a real Christian… a way,we let this one get by us.As far as Trump…I love the guy,I pray for him..he’s done wonderful things….but I fear for our country right now,as I believe satan has check mated him into a lose lose situation,Our economy is tanking.If we don’t get back to work right now..and stop giving away the store.[Me thinks it is a globalist plan come home to roost]..we ARE done.The final Globalist pieces are put into place..and Trump is being played to do it.Pray hard for him that the spell cast over him will be of none effect.Father God…kick the globalist’s in the chop’s.Bring Mr.president back in line with Your Heavenly program.Do not let him be co-opted by the ‘elite’,Amen. P.S. people…While we watch the ‘smoke and mirrors’ department fill us with fear about a ‘virus’..America is being stolen right from under us.Economic/political/religious…and almost no one noticed.

  3. dan.w says:

    Father God..please give our president,[and us]..that extra dose of Your wisdom and the peace of Christ…that all of us need.Thank You Lord,Amen.