NSA whistleblowers: Government spying on every single American!

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  1. NWO THE GRAND SCAM, is all Counter Productive for the Elite and whoever else, James 5:1 – 7 Many already have failed to realize the scheme in the making, all for a 7 years stent!

    Lucifer the Merciless take his followers down with him by deception!

    Yes the increase in Knowledge, and your Wrong with the Right Answer when it come to WHY!

  2. How are to defend & survive if we do not submit to the 666. To take it is to burn in hell eternally. Please post survival instructions for us. How do we help others in same conditions? Please teach us as you post the warnings or separate article. Thank fou for ALL.

    • ReBecca says:

      A Believer who has accepted Jesus Christ as his/her personal savior will not be here. We are not appointed unto wrath. Read the Word for assurance and get into a strong Bible Believing church.

  3. Hi Mr. McT, I have always thought that Christ would come and take us home just before the peace treaty is sign with the Anti-Christ, but is He coming before this war breaks out.
    Debra Lukas, MI