Obama plans to “listen,” not present Mideast peace plan: Kerry

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  1. Janine says:

    This man confirms what you say. Will war come to the USA after Obama goes to Israel? Surely sounds like it could John, or at a future time. Interesting that He says that when we there has been peace talks regarding dividing Israel, sudden destruction follows.
    David Brennan on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth – Israel Omen
    Check out this video on YouTube:

  2. Janine says:

    Know anything about these?
    How the vatican created Islam?
    Check out this video on YouTube:
    2 mins

    Black Pope story
    Let’s call this story the Jesuit-Vatican connection” to the unfolding New World Order agenda
    The story below starts out slow but will lead you, who study prophecy, to understand who Lucifer is (The Pope) and who is in control of our World today ! I can not stress enough how valuable this entire two page story is about the Jesuit /Vatican connection. It will show you that the Lucifer worshipers agenda is to fulfill Bible Prophecy and to rebuild the Lords house so they can take control of the World. Now how ironic is this that Satan wants to do exactly what God has said he will do ! I can see that these people had built up Hitler then they destroyed him and now are building up America and then they will destroy them . These people are in control of all forms of the U.S. Military … read this below in this truly fascinating and very revealing story ! They are behind this turmoil in Iraq and they are also in control of most of the Islamic world . They have done all this to help fulfill Bible Prophecy . The illuminati are in control of Putin and will bring about this soon to come World wide Nuclear attack . Remember that all nations will be beast nations and the Pope is the beast who has control of almost all nations today .The Pope is the dragon who speaks as a lamb . The story below is a must read . It will take a whole hour of your life . If your interested in knowing prophecy then you really need to read it for yourself .It is an incredible story of how prophecy will be fulfilled and how the beginning of the time of the Gentiles is at hand .
    He resides in Rome, at the headquarters of the Jesuits, called the Church of Jesu. The Church of Jesu, is near the Vatican and where does Satan fit into this picture, and what is the ultimate goal of the Jesuits, the so-called Society of Jesus. The Jesuit General, and the other high Jesuit Generals, they are sorcerers. They are Luciferians , and they worship what they would call Lucifer. They do not believe in Satan. They believe in Lucifer. You will read the proof that the Black Pope was Satan but I truly believe he is the white pope today.
    READ ON……..taken from

  3. Julia says:

    America shows daily just how far from God they have come.All that our Holy God stands for Truth,Justice,Peace is the exact opposite of what the world lives for Homosexuality,Lies & hatred.The people look so unhappy to see their pope is leaving which they call holy father.It is written we have but one Father and he’s in Heaven and if we have to call a father on the earth then we will say we are of the seed of our Father Abraham Isaac & Jacob who served our HOLY FATHER.!!!!Not stand behind the skirts of a dead church hiding the sins of their actions.If they knew the word they would know there is no cloak for their sin,because all is in the light to God.Nothing is hid.(Isaiah 29 V14,15)Praise God for John McTernan a called and annointed man of Truth.God’s Blessing is upon this Ministry.

  4. Debra Lukas says:

    Hi Mr McT.
    As I read your blog events are getting bigger and bigger and our world has grown to a point I just dont want to live here anymore. I am amazed how the Bible has been fulfilling God’s word. I know He’s coming very very soon.
    This is off the subject: What is Sahidic Coptir tranlation. The Jehovah Witness use this to translate their bible which is in much error I can only believe this Coptir is in much error also. I’m trying to prove to my brother that the JW is a cult and he needs to get out.
    Thank you, God bless you and your family, and thank you for your blog. I love knowing what is going on because I’m waiting for my God to take me home in the rapture.
    Debra, Mich

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

  5. Tim Shey says:

    Concerning Israel. When Obama goes to Israel, it would be perfect timing for God’s judgment to get worse in the United States.

    “Betraying Israel Brings Destruction on the United States”

    Concerning the sin of homosexuality. Ever since Bill Clinton became President, the homosexual agenda has become stronger in the United States. When man began to worship the creation and not the Creator, He gave them over to a reprobate mind (Romans Chapter 1). The more people worship the god of enviro-paganism, the more they accept homosexual sin, fornication, adultery and bestiality. The United States is absolutely flooded with pro-homosexual propaganda. More massive destruction is coming soon on American soil.

    Concerning Rick Warren. He is so conformed to the world, he makes me vomit! “The love of the world is enmity with the Father.”

  6. JanaGrace says:

    Thanks Dr. John for this update and God bless you.
    I’m so saddened by the death of Pastor Mathayo Kachili . However, I know to be be dead (if your in Christ) is to be present w/ the Lord. Thank the Lord he is with Him and we have that wonderful promise. The days seem to be getting darker but we have the Light of the world in our hearts. Still sad but looking for Blessed Hope in Jesus Christ My Lord.

  7. Janine says:

    Worth taking a look John!
    ‘How the Vatican created Islam’ – David Icke Website (Written Form)

  8. Julia says:

    Thank You John,Im looking forward to the tracts….God Bless You.

  9. Mary E. says:

    I think you can add Amazon.com to the list of companies backing gay marriage. Has anyone seen their new commercial for the Kindle Reader? If not,it features two married gay men. The commercial took me totally off guard,I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. If I had a Kindle,it would have been thrown in the trash after viewing that atrocity.
    As far as the president going to Israel to just “listen”,I find that impossible to believe. The man is too much of a bully to keep quiet.
    John,I’m having problems with the comment section pages. Some are normal full page,others are cut in half with no way to read all the comments. Barbara is having the same problem,so I wonder if it has something to do with the site.

  10. Ryan Thomas says:

    Hi Debra,I’m sorry about your brother. It must be hard for you, and worrisome. I will pray for him, that his eyes are opened, and he is set free. Three so called Jehovah’s witnesses came to my house, one held their book up to show me a verse. I had never read their’s before, so I snatched it out of her hand and shut the door.I stood so they could see me through the small window while I looked through it quickly.I noticed there were quite a few verses missing or changed, that are in the king James. The knocking was louder now,so I stepped out and gave her book back. The younger gal held her book up, from a distance this time, and said, the meek shall inherit the earth. I said, how do you know your one of the meek? I waited a second while they struggled to come up with a good answer. Then I said, the person who is forgiven much,loves much. The one I had snatched the book from,broke down in uncontrollable tears, and choked out something very nice to me,that no one had ever said to me before. The guy then said to me in a ,back to you way, how do you know you’ve been forgiven much? I said, exactly, you have asked the perfect question! The answer sir. There is only one who can forgive our sins The sinless one, who willingly shed his blood at the cross, because some of us might believe.
    Love to you.

  11. Lori says:

    Talking about homosexuality, there has been so many articles about what is going on in the “gay” world. There are many comments that people make, and I usually share scripture that I think would be great to share and I get many people come against me. The verse I just recently shared was Isaiah 5:20, I’m sure I will get a few that will call me a bigot or tell me to prove there is a God….it’s amazing how heated up they will get with me or anyone else trying to come against the homosexual lifestyle. I know that God’s word is sharper than a two edged sword, and they are not really debating with me but with God’s Holy Word. It is very refreshing to come to John’s blog and hear the truth of Jesus and His word…thanks so much to everyone here!!

  12. Julia says:

    Mary E….I saw the commercial your talking about the gay men & kindle,it was not too shocking anymore since this is the america the people now want.They have made it perfectly clear to serve opposite the Holy word & they are fine with paganism & to carry out the sin they choose to live by.We have A Wonderful Loving God who gives us the choice to serve him or sin and with us the peace that passes all understanding is ours to embrace for following good.(Rev 22 V10-12)God’s not blind and he’s not deaf either,rest assured their sin will find them out.Praise God for John’s blog we have for support.God Bless You.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      May I offer a suggestion to everyone.
      Please do not call them “gay” as this is their word.
      They are homosexuals or sodomites.
      I am not a straight man but normal.
      I NEVER accept them calling me straight. I man normal, and that is how I want to be referred.

  13. Cynthia says:

    Mary E. thank you for alerting us to the amazon commercial, and to think I just ordered something from there. Ever since JCPenney put the gay men in their fathers day ads last year, the company is on the verge of collapse. I seen a tide commercial this morning, not with gay men, however trying to show the “effeminate” side of men. It was a man talking about how his daughter wears her princess dress everyday and one day a week he has to let her dress like a cowboy so he can wash it, and of course he uses tide. I have no issues whatsoever with a dad washing clothes, but you can see that the commerical is clearly trying to show the effeminate side of men, this is what they want to sell.

  14. Cynthia says:

    “Ordinance of the Amorites” that Brother John has warned time and time again doesn’t appear to be far off for America:

    Obama urges justices to overturn gay marriage ban:


    NFL duo rallies for same sex marriage:


  15. Melany says:

    Brother John, ~ I continue to be so appreciative of the news/opinions you post. Events in February alone were just amazing. Satan knows time is short.
    Mary E. ~ I thought this was my computer doing something weird!! I’m finding it very hard to post comment here because I can’t access full page! If this goes through, it means I really worked on it somehow (lol!)

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I have continued technical problems in all areas.
      It is a constant battle with the blog and blog talk radio.
      It took me weeks to get the 666 tract printed when it should take days!
      The resistance is now nonstop, but I just keep moving forward in the name of Jesus.

  16. S Davis says:

    I just wanted to share something that may be linked. Yesterday President Obama’s administration, through a friend-of-the-court brief, urged the supreme court to overturn the ban on gay marriage. Here is the link.

    That same day a brush fire started in CA and is at 200 acres and only 30% contained. While checking for more information about the fire, here are other stories on the sideline of that web page: http://www.breakingnews.com/topic/jurupa-valley-california-brush-fire

    Justice Dept to urge US Supreme Court to allow same-sex marriage to resume in California in Prop 8 case – @NBCNews
    4,130 182 Share it
    Man swallowed by bedroom sinkhole in Brandon, Florida, presumed dead, police say – @CNNbrk
    1,114 2,997 Share it
    Michigan governor declares financial emergency in Detroit, will appoint emergency manager to take over – @freep

    I thought it was interesting.
    God bless!!

  17. Ryan Thomas says:

    Mary E. It’s confirmation to me, that you said o is a bully . I have been saying the hard left are social bullies for a long time.

  18. Ryan Thomas says:

    Very good John!!!!!!

  19. Ryan Thomas says:

    Hi Lori, It’s sad how many of them just do not want the truth.How many of them deny the scripture, old and new, say anything about their sinful ways.That is what speaks their heart to me. Especially in this country where bibles and good wisdom from The Lord , have been available to all that seek the truth.Even now, in this late hour , like this Godly ministry. Love and perseverance to you.

  20. MaryAnn says:

    Hello Debra , I feel your pain and will be praying for you and your brother . I too have family members involved with JW and I was once a JW myself .Thank you Jesus for opening my eyes to the truth in John 14:6. I have spent years reading the KJV Bible and God has worked a miracle in my life erasing all the lies I was taught .Here is a great site that may help you. http://4jehovah.org/jehovahs-witness-nwt-errors.php Thank you John and everyone here you are like family ! God Bless you all Love &Prayers Mary Ann