Palestinians Claim Status of Jerusalem is Key to Their Rejection of Trump Peace Plan

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  1. dan.w says:

    Mike Blooper has cast 200 million ‘to the wind’ in his attempt at a presidential bid.To ensure his victory,he has enlisted Barry Soetoro,the bi-sexual with two names and no birth certificate.He is a muslim,…and has a checkered past,or no past…however you want to look at it.He has no credentials,no experience and no shame.His credits include writing to books,[he really didn’t write]..and hyptnotizing and white guilting himself into 2 terms of lets devastate America.He is a toad of satan..and is at work in ‘his lair’ trying to undo MY president…for no good reason whatsoever.Dear Father God…please note this individual…and reward him with the ‘fruits of his works’,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    Bloomberg slogan.Vote Mike…..He will do us in.

  3. dan.w says:

    It could not be any clearer,or plainer….Look at what Mr.President has done so far for America….then look at the ‘motley crew’ of challengers.If this isn’t a clear picture of a light and darkness show…Good,[God],vs the demon…..nothing is.If anyone claims to be a Christian…or a patriot….take note.How you vote will determine America’s future…If you sit it out…your vote is not one of protest as much as it is one of surrender.The ‘core’ of islam and of the democratic,’read’ socialist sodomite baby killer party…is deception.Lying is like ‘truth’ to them.All they touch turns to goo.Look at any nation that has ’embraced’ their mode of operation.You get a ‘hole in the ground to poo in’,You get no become slave,whore and chattle to men in islam,or to the smug self serving elites of the insane left.When it is even palatable to be a socialist…when sodomite sexual deviants can get even one vote… had better know our future is on the line.We ARE being weighed…..Will we be found wanting?.The left mock God at all turns…for us to do nothing or the wrong thing amount’s to joining arm in arm with those who hate God.The Lord has not forgotten those whom He loves….nor has He forgotten how to throw thunderbolt’s….He keep’s them around for ‘special ‘ cases.God is NOT a senile old fogey who forgot His own name,or where the bathroom is…..This is NOT one dude you want against you.Real Christian’s had better ‘get on the stick’,or come clean and go to Cuba,or any other marxist country…to get their ‘wake up call’.I will NOT bow to the left,to New Sodom,nor to islam.All of you can go pound sand.Then come over by me…and I’ll show you picture’s of what real men used to look like…before you mutilated them with your inclusion and diversity.We had backbone then….now we just drag our fake breast’s behind us….not knowing from day to day if we are a boy or a girl…….how sad…………….TRUMP 2020. P.S. God bless you brother John…for letting me say my piece.

  4. dan.w says:

    I saw that Nancy Pelosi was upset about someome altering her ‘let er rip’ session,showing her ‘do her deed’ over and over again….Since when was truth a concern of hers?I though she was proud of her ‘statement’ she made….Guess thats why they call it politics….God bless you Mr.Trump..Mrs.Trump,all the families thereof…the faithful and wonderful staff and families that stood by Mr.President…You all are loved,prayed for..and appreciated for being the kind of real Americans we all aspire to be……and Mike Douglas…sorry about your father passing.He was a wonderful man….but you….endorsing Mike from the ‘big shoulders’….shame….boo……If it’s about all his money,I’ll borrow you a two dollar bill…I SAID BORROW……

  5. dan.w says:

    Naw….we’re good brother John,Thanks….

  6. dan.w says:

    I was talking with my cat and he said I should take more naps…I said 23 and a half hours like you??…No,he said…you don’t need that much…..meow.

  7. dan.w says:

    Just trying to make you laugh brother John….If I seem a little out there…look at the world.I’m almost too normal.Sometimes I’m in shock at how the church in general has been lulled asleep.Nothing fazes them anymore.Have we been so numbed by the world..that we don’t care?I remember when we would reach out to the stranger with the Gospel.I’m speaking generally.It seems we rely on ministries/pastors to do most of the heavy lifting..when pastors are to help equip the saints for spiritual battle in their culture in real time..not have the work God gave each of us to do…passed off on you.I believe the main reason we see ‘churches’ not so much liberal theology crept into the seminaries..but the people are dead’spiritually’.I’m not casting stones at anyone here…I can small part of course..the frustration Christ had with the nature of some around Him…they seemed totally ‘checked out’ of the reality He wanted them to grasp.He kept telling them truth..but they kept looking elsewhere,or wanted a sign.He told them open their eye’s,..but many just thought they were ‘only stories’…and would listen,many times the point was lost.I can see why God gave us two ears….Because we need to focus more on the ‘hearing’ of some things.If some of my comments seem’odd’…it is not so much for a reaction..but to check and see if ‘theres life in the body’.Jesus made us all fishermen…Truthfully I always sucked at catching real fish…but I get the principle…there are lost people and backslidders..and sinners runnin hot towards Hell.If I reached even one for the Lord….It will be all worth it. I see the lateness of ‘The hour’..Don’t want to see anyone left behind.God bless all of you .

  8. Rick S. says:

    John – What do you think about Trump’s Mideast Peace Plan – The Deal Of The Century? I have your book, “As America Has Done To Israel.” I have Bill Koenig’s book. Both describe the correlation between trying to divide the land of Israel, Jerusalem and God’s judgment accordingly.
    I think both books are correct on this matter.
    John do you think what Trump has proposed could bring judgment on America? I do.

    Trump on this issue is no better than Bush,Sr., Clinton, Bush,Jr., Obama or any other President. Genesis 3 makes this clear. Don’t mess with the land of Israel.
    Especially the city of Jerusalem.
    There can never be a real estate deal over this land or city, for the fake purpose of peace.
    This is God’s land. He gave it to the decendents of Jacob!
    God put His name on this city. This is God’s!
    Let’s face it. Trump’s plan is a two state solution. It is bad for America.

    Trump has been a very good President for America so far. The greatest pro life President for the unborn this nation has known. Great proponent for the church and godly issues. It was an awesome decision to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Great economic President for America. All of this does not make a proposed two state solution good. God gives a land the leaders it deserves.
    Remember George Bush, Sr. had the greatest approval rating any President has ever had and lost reelection.
    I support Trump now and will in November.
    His, “Deal of the Century, ” though is very wrong.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      This deal was just a proposal and not like what the other presidents did. They put tremendous pressure on Israel to divide the land
      but Trump is putting NO pressure. I think it is DOA and going no where. I don’t see judgment unless he pressures Israel.