Disco Singer Brendon Urie Donates $1 Million to Bring LGBTQ Agenda to America’s Schools”

4 Responses

  1. Brendon says:

    I am embarrassed to have the same name as this clown!

  2. danw says:

    Father God..please shut down the perverts and their money used for indoctrination in sick lifestyles You hate.Please keep our kids and others children safe from predators.Thank You Lord.I also ask that You will remove people who are in places of influence who abuse their power for evils cause.Strike them with blindness as in the days of sodom.

  3. danw says:

    Thank you brother John.I try to keep things positive,but I’m also a realist and see nothing good in letting new sodom run rampant and not asking God to intervene.Father God,pour Your blessings on the righteous,[those who trust in Your Son],and give those who would debase our children a full cup of Your displeasure.Stop them cold in their tracks.Let their end be the one they plan for the innocent children and unsuspecting..I ask in Jesus great name…Amen.