Pelosi – No one is above the law!

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  1. dan.w says:

    After the fake trial of my president is should not end there.The tables should be turned on the false accusers…and true justice served.Take it for what it’s worth.Open up ALL the files on clinton,bidens meuller comey and all the rest of the lyin snakes.DRAIN the SWAMP……..jail is too good for having a vacation.What rewards are there for treason and sedition?

  2. dan.w says:

    Father God…If Donald Trump is found pleasing in Your sight in regard’s to following You as leader of this country…break the backs of the wicked cabal of evil.Squash them like the roaches they are.Make the deep state/demoncats like a pariah…..that stink and no one wants to be around.Let all they touch,turn to goo.As they wither in the light of truth…let ‘The Don’…get more and more popular,without him walking from the path You laid out for him…at every turn..give him favor..and keep him close to You.Thank You for him Father God,Amen.

  3. dan.w says:

    I ‘watched’about the first 2-3 minutes of all the major news intro’s..they are singing from satan’s song book.[They] just can’t stand that Trump is president.Count on them stepping up their game.I cannot wait to see them all get trounced by Trump for 2020.They are so darn stupid that they don’t have a clue in their head that they are setting him up to win.The more they pick and cry..the worse they make it for themselves.Well they are the party of death,islam,and it figures.I’ve got some swamp land on venus I want to sell them…OOO,hold it!,I think they are calling…..Got to go…got a sale to make.