Pentagon: Religious Proselytizing is Not Permitted

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  1. Lisa Engel says:

    Gosh…I wonder what will become of the serviceman who wants to bow his head over his meal to pray? The National Day of prayer has NEVER been more important. Maranatha!

  2. Lyn Leahz says:

    I have a relative in the US ARMY. He used to be very close to God. The family and I have noticed that over the past few years, he has become more liberal…not as grounded in God… more watered down. He is a Chaplain, BTW. He’s just not the same as he was. I think we can all safely say we know why… God bless you, John. Thanks for everything you do for God, and for all of us who read your posts, and your wonderful, informative books!

  3. Irene C says:

    This really grieves me. I was a military dependant for 7 years and spent 3 years in Germany. While there, we went to the military chapel located just outside the base gate. Both chaplins were spirit filled and we always invited the single service members to our services and pot lucks. I agree with Lisa, we definitely need a National Day of Prayer. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that many prayer assemblies will be watered down versions. However, we still need to pray. I just have a feeling that God has had enough and things are going to get ugly. Maranatha

  4. Debra Lukas says:

    You can just see how this world is getting ready for the Anti-Christ.
    We will be gone soon, praise God. We just have to remember that and pray for others who are suffering for Christ.
    Debra, Mich

  5. Keep it up, John! There are millions of people who support the viewpoints you so wonderfully and expertly express. We also appreciate the unique collection of information you are able to bring to the table…


  6. David says:

    I personally think this is a blessing in disguise from God in one way and that is He is providing a way out of the military for true Christians who wont back down about sharing their faith. If the coming war gets really bad the military will be judged with many casualty’s, maybe Gods taking lot out of Sodom once again by letting this come about. But I do know that overall this is a bad thing for us bible believing Christians as its just persecution moving forward.

    Please God i pray that you don’t judge the Good christian men and women in the military for what the left is doing. If its your will God let any Christian who doesn’t play by this world’s rules get out of the military before your judgment falls upon it and please protect those who aren’t wise enough to leave with this chance you have given them. And even those Christ followers who aren’t in the military protect them as well me included because its only a matter of time before this hits us at home as well. In any case no man shall fall to satan if he clings to you lord let that be known from america to north korea. In your name i pray Jesus -Amen

  7. Matt says:

    Let’s not get too carried away. We still have in our Pledge of Allegiance, One Nation Under God, We still have God Bless America sung at many government events. We still have In God We Trust on our money, we still have invocations/prayers to Jesus Christ at many government meetings, Thanksgiving is a Federal Holiday to honor God, Christmas is a Federal Holiday to honor the birth of Jesus Christ, Easter is heavily celebrated across USA, stock market is closed on Good Friday, there are hundreds of of thousands of churches in every city on nearly every block throughout USA where we can freely worship Jesus Christ without being killed

    USA is still a far better place to live in than most of countries in the World that do not have God in anything and restrict religious freedom.

  8. Julia says:

    John I just finished your book!!!! “As America has done to Israel” You have so much insight into why things are the way they are and then all of us here at the blog get to share in that knowledge.YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING!!!!! to so many lives.Thank You and may God Bless your ministry to the fullest.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I am delighted that the book is such a blessing to you.
      After reading the book, you can never look at the world and events the same.
      God rules in the affairs of men and nations.

  9. Loretta says:

    Foxnews: President Obama’s nominee for Commerce secretary was embroiled in a massive bank failure more than a decade ago, in a collapse that cost depositors and federal insurers millions of dollars.
    Will Congress stop this nominee?

  10. Eliruth says:

    Praise God, Br. John–you tell it like it is. St. Mark’s Cathedral? That’s like Constaninople being taken by the Moslems way back when! And the Church won’t have any outrage @ it?! Maybe they will when they start in on us!
    Another reason the Lousy Laodecians will be condemned–Rev. 3:16–(that
    is Condemnation)–But Keep Looking Up–Jesus is surely coming soon!!!
    In The Rock, ER. Ps.71:1-4*

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I think what just happened with the military has stirred the church, at least a little.

  11. dan .w says:

    It’s only a matter of time before ‘they’ come for us.God has been kicked out of society,one institution at a time,replaced with ‘what seemed right in their own eyes at the time’.Pragmatism and political correctness rule the day..Homosexuality,and child murder [abortion],are the two pet sins America the fallen embraces.Like brother John and others have stated in the past…nature abhors a vacuum..When righteousness is banished,lawlessness becomes the new law.We as Christians are in the crosshairs of the hard left,islam with a small i…and heres a shocker…the institution of the ‘church’.Yes, heard right.It will be the soon future religion being formed as we speak who will turn us in and turn on us.They have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof.Most denominations are caving to some degree in some area..which is why you don’t place your eternal destiny in a denomination,but in a Man,..the GodMan,Christ Jesus.He is our only Hope…If you have not turned to Him,now would be a great time to do it…Ask Him,..Lord I’m not worthy,but would you save me anyhow??You paid my sin debt in full,and I believe you, me now.He will. God bless all. Dan.w

  12. dan .w says:

    Re; The national day of prayer…Call me old fashioned…but I believe the Lord will not hear and honor national prayers when we unite with people who have a different God.He will not share His Glory/Honor with pagan god’s.It would give credibility to the false go’d,and people would further be encouraged thinking that ‘their god’ answered prayers. Take care all,Dan.w

  13. Matthias says:

    I want to share these three articles that I just read with you:

    Robotic Insects Make First Controlled Flight

    Printable Functional ‘Bionic’ Ear Melds Electronics and Biology

    these are both scary when you consider them in the context of surveillance and transhumanism, respectively.

    And I don’t know what to think about this, maybe someone with medical knowledge can help. I honestly doubt what they say about Vitamin D here:
    Vitamin D: More May Not Be Better

    Thanks John for keeping us up to date with what is really going on in the world!

    God bless you and all readers!

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I read the article about Vitamin D.
      This is all an attempt to get people away from it.
      I have posted study after study showing just how important this Vitamin is and the dose which is about 6-8.000 IUs a day.
      I look at this a a hit job like they tried to do with Vitamin E.

  14. Rich says:

    Here’s a quote from an article on World Net Daily…

    “Military surrenders in war on Christian evangelism

    May 3, 2013 reports: “The Pentagon announced today that military members who want to talk about their faith with other members have every right to do so, backtracking on a previous warning against ‘proselytizing,’ which it said could be subject to court-martial.

  15. Julia says:

    AMEN JOHN you know your stuff!…….Vitamins in general are most important since man has depleted the earth of the nutrients it had years ago.Just the other day I had a carrot that tasted more like a chemical than a carrot.ANTIOXIDENTS are also needed to fight off free radical damage.God Bless all who follow this ministry!!!.

  16. Carol M says:

    I didn’t realize you recommended 6-8,000 IU’s of “D” a day and I only take 2,000 IU’s daily! Have I missed where you have recommended vitamin doses? Also “E” isn’t the only one they try to downplay . . . Linus Pauling notwithstanding “C” also!!!

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I posted many health articles showing that they recommend 6-8,000 IUs of Vitamin D daily

  17. dan .w says:

    The military is only in temporary surrender mode regarding Christians.They are on the attack,as all who hate the Lord and His precepts.They only temporarily relent,only to gain steam and come back with even more contempt and hatred.The world,and world system hate God and His Christ.They oppose Him at every turn.Trees bear it’s easy to see whose tree it is.The ‘church’ is in most part silent,and complicit in it’s silence.We don’t stand for the preborn,we don’t stand against immorality of all stripes,when they take the guns away,other that a few holdouts,those will be handed over..Biblical truths are not proclaimed as they could be..other than this site and a few’s very silent.The siren song of lets all get along is on it’s second chorus..and like in Hitlers day,the world is full of lemmings,mezmerized at satans tune.Thank you Jesus for saving us from what is to come…We may see it get bad..but nothing compared to what it will be like when you take us home. Thanks brother John,for ALL you do,Dan.w

  18. Mary E. says:

    Thank you for making the point about the National Day of Prayer. I listened to the local news this morning describing the N.D.P. events in my area and they emphasized how ALL religions were represented. All of the stations reported that the groups prayed for peace, only once was the word repentance mentioned. Have we forgotten the commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me?”.

  19. dan .w says:

    The Lord does hear the prayers of His saints..sometimes they are not answered in the timeframe or way we as humans expect,but they are answered,as they line up with His will.The prayers of the world,and their false religions/god’s are not so.God is set apart from all else,because He [Christ] is the creator..all else is created.He is not subject to His creation,or any perversion of it.Though the intentions may appear good for the national day of prayer,and many true believers may really only amounts to spitting in the wind..and the end of it is only frustration at best.God bless all who love the appearing of our great God and Savior…Jesus Christ. Dan.w

  20. dan .w says:

    Father God..I ask you humbly to remember all those who come to this site..that you would meet them at their greatest point of need,and be with them..and bring your true peace into their whole being..that they may know in you..they are safe,Amen.

  21. inhisservice says:

    And it continues …

    Scottish church says Jews have no scriptural claim to Holy Land

    Keep looking up, the King is coming…

  22. Irene C says:

    Thank you dan.w for that prayer. These are troubling times we live in and it is only in Jesus that we are secure. In this mortal flesh, we feel fear, depression, and discouragement, but our Lord already knows this and knows our needs. Now is the time we not only need to reach out to the unsaved, but we need to pray for each other. Maranatha

  23. Barbara in VA says:

    Dan: Thank you for that beautiful prayer. Amen and Maranatha!

  24. Lyn Leahz says:

    And it’s getting even worse. Check this out!

  25. Lyn Leahz says:

    It shows the video there. I see it. It’s not showing up? Anyways, a kid was booted out of a race because he gave thanks to God for winning it. They said that by him raising his hand in the air as a sign of thanks to God, it was ‘excessive’. Here is where i posted the article on my news website..and the video is there too. But I’m seeing the video right here…below my comment above..that’s strange that you don’t see it as well. Must be one of those crazy internet things. God bless.