Pestilences: CDC director warns of ‘post-antibiotic era’

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  1. Dan.w says:

    I believe there are no ‘accidents’ in God’s economy.Regarding the [found vials],I believe they may have been ‘found’ for this hour in history.We are indeed in dangerous waters,but we have the Lord as our protector and everything must pass through Him first before it gets to us.Thank you brother John,a faithful watchman and not a hireling.You are much loved and appreciated by us all,Dan.w

  2. Dan.w says:

    The worlds [elites],have a [plan] of getting rid of a large chunk of the world population.They have had that plan for a long,long time.People from both sides of the aisle are in this.The [New world order isn’t new,and Bush,Obama,Clinton,ect are all on board and up to speed on it.]The Georgia guidestones talk about a new ten commandments,and listed is the great reduction in the numbers of mankind,because in their eyes..mother earth has more credence than Father God.There really is a conspiracy…it started at the Garden.

  3. Lori says:

    Dan, Your words are very wise and comforting, thank you for posting! Lord bless you!

  4. Loretta says:

    The insanity of and the delusion of the news headlines paints a picture of where we really are…
    BUT Praise the Lord “Col 3:3 your life is hid with Christ in God.” We are HIS!!!!

    John Thank you for your Godly leadership and May God continue to give you knowledge and wisdom in helping us and all of HIS children.

    We are going home soon. “o happy day”!!! 🙂

  5. Sandra says:

    I know that God is in control but the Word tells us that we are in the world but not of the world and Matt 5:45 tells us that it rain on the just and the unjust.

    John I googled and found out how to ferment cabbage and I am going later and get some to start fermenting..It looks easy..I have also shared with others about how much vitamin d3 and other vitamins to take. I agree with have to be proactive and not reactive in keeping our body healthy.

    Thanks for your diligence in helping us.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      If you make improving your health a hobby, it will be fun.
      The fermented foods are so important to your health.

  6. Barbara in VA says:

    John: I have not read all of your health posts, but they have so much information that we should all heed! Thank you so much for helping everyone to understand the importance of not only what we should and should not eat, but also the supplements and vitamins that we need because we are no longer getting that in today’s food–the result of man’s thinking they can improve on God’s original plant designs.

    You may have touched on this subject, but I have not seen it; so I thought I would mention it here. Vitamin D3 is so very important, but along with Vitamin D3, it is also important to be sure that you get enough Vitamin K2 to insure that the D3 does what it is supposed to do. Dr. Mercola has an excellent article on this subject. Here is the link:

    Good health to everyone!

    Psalm 43:5 (KJV)

    5 Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.


  7. Lori says:

    Here’s a link below that was in the news today. Hopefully it’s not Ebola, but it get more frightening everyday.

  8. Dan.w says:

    All the ‘crises’ you see on the horizon are not accidental…They are manufactured.Be it finances,illegals,food shortages,price fixing,weird diseases,old diseases coming back into the picture,strange weather,stranger people………These are here in spades!!Have you also noticed,mr.and mrs. Christian friend,the pull of Sin………It seems as if the devil knows his time is short.Whatever your achilles heel is,he knows it,and is not holding back.We must now more than ever,run to Christ.When the tempter comes my way and wants to shipwreck me,right at that moment,instead of ‘doing the bad’,I purposely do the hopes that he see’s the futility of messing with one of God’s kid’s.I have never had the ‘attacks come at me as I have had lately.I’m not complaining,just letting all you know that you are not alone,and the Lord can use even these things to bring glory to His Name.When Christ is in you,you can pass the test.What a wonderful God and Savior we serve.Take care all.Jesus is the final Victor.

  9. Danielle says:

    @ Dan ….. Exactly !! Yes, he sure has been trying to “hit me with his best shot” but guess what ? He can just move on down the road … because even when I fall, Jesus is there to pick me right back up again! That old loser can take it somewhere else … he’s wasting his time on me! I have seen more than my share of trials lately … It has been really really dark some days and hard to keep pushing through, but no worries: I WILL PRAISE YOU IN THIS STORM … because I AM FOREVER YOURS, JESUS … Please come get me soon!

  10. Joni says:

    I totally get it Danielle and Dan, the attacks. Sometimes I forget, I get dazed by the chaos, and forget my way for a moment. Then I see it for what it is, or I am blessed by a good friend and prayer on the phone. Wow, it’s been wild for sure.
    I agree Danielle, we can always find something good about the situation, if even the car mirror is still intact. I was trying to think what was good last week, after it all broke loose on me, there was a lot of good….a few bumps and bruises, but no broken bones….Huge blessing. A couple scratches on the bike, no biggy.
    I am ready for supper… stomach is growling already….:-)
    God Bless us all,

  11. Debra Lukas says:

    Hi to all the believers. If I may say something. There is a product called Reliv and it has kept us from getting sick and it does build your immune system. I believe this will help keep us safe. Its made in America in Missouri and its all organic. I have been taken it for 15 yrs on and off.
    You can look this up on It also taste great you just mix it with water or orange juice. Its well worth the price.
    Debra Lukas-Mich

  12. Dan.w says:

    As re; my earlier post on the ‘diseases’ we may have to deal with……I find it sad that we have to bring the chance of ebola to the U.S.Granted,they may be missionaries,but come on man.where is the logic,where is the common sense here??Spiritual forces are at work.Also,on the roomful of past diseases recently ‘discovered’.Do we find it not a little bit odd,they were ‘discovered’ now??This is not fear mongering,just trying to put the prophetic pieces together to show us where we are on God’s timetable.These will according to the Bible, impact mankind in the future,and the future is almost here.We don’t run on fear,but good solid info is like a well written roadmap.Thank you Jesus,for not leaving us as orphans in the storm,but you actually live in us,and keep us safe in your care.Thank you also for all my faithful friends here.Please watch over them all,Dan.w

  13. Danielle says:

    Oh no … now I’m busted !! True confession time cuz my sister Joni told on me 🙂
    Already stressed about getting my car inspected because check engine light is on, I stupidly backed out of my garage just a little too close to the garage frame last Sat. morning and …. BAM !! Loud noise … Coffee cup flying out of my hand .. woke the neighbors (how embarrassing) so I just smiled and picked up the pieces of the side view mirror lying on the ground. I really wanted to cry, but it wouldn’t have done any good. Next day the man from Advance Auto was very patient to explain what JB Weld was and how I could actually get this thing put back together in no time! I told Joni how my friend said the other day “There is ALWAYS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR!! After watching some Youtube videos on ” how to ” repair this mirror, I realized I was VERY BLESSED …the mirror did not shatter and was still intact, AND the support never broke ~ only the hard plastic around it ! So I went to work and it’s good as new! This would have been a minor incident in an ordinary week .. If 10 other things had not preceded it, but life comes at us fast and if we want to “Overcome” it will be by the Blood of the Lamb! Also by the prayers of my brothers and sisters ( like Joni ) who lift me up when things get overwhelming in my life! TY Jesus for doing for us what we cannot do for ourselves, but teaching us to give thanks & do all that we can!

  14. Joni says:

    Oh Danielle, you are always such a blessing here!!.
    I am amazed at how well you hold up at times while under attack. Really amazed. We both had terrible weeks, Danielle and her car issues, Joni not fully engaging the motorcycle kickstand and laying it down on top of me. I think we are supposed to stop worrying about any damage to our transportation, as we are not going to need it soon!!
    We won’t be “coming up hither” on either of those modes of transport, so no worries…….our next mode is a pure white horse!!!
    PS On the phone as I write this, scheduling the CT scan and bloodwork for a 2 year cancer follow up. Clean results are what I am after.
    NED, No Evidence of Disease.
    Thank you in advance for the awesome prayers lifted up from the family of this blog.
    God Bless us all,

  15. S.O. says:

    @ Debra Lukas. I looked up reliv on line and it’s full of soy.I believe Brother John has mentioned that unfermented soy is not really very good for you, so I think that I would be wary of this product over the long term. Shalom S.O.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      If it is full of soy then feel from it.
      Soy is ALL GMO, and it turns to estrogen when eaten which wrecks both women and men’s health.

  16. Susan says:

    I have been “irrigating” (or washing out) my sinuses with salt water for almost 20 years now, and prior to having this technique recommended to me by an allergy specialist was having sinus infections every 2-3 months. Since then, I get one maybe once every 2-3 years, and only then if a bad virus is going around. I RARELY EVER get a cold or the flu too since starting this and used to get sick frequently. My coworkers are repeatedly sick throughout the year with multiple viruses. But not me!! Every virus, bacteria, pollen, mold or dust particle we breathe in is filtered through our sinuses and enter our system that way and often get stuck there. It is SOOO worth it to get past the idea that it’s awkward or “weird” to wash out your sinuses and start doing it. It’s no different than bathing each night or brushing your teeth. It is critical hygiene to practice. Why don’t primary care physicians tell you about it? It is practically free (other than the 1/2 t. of salt it requires each day), entirely natural and very preventative. I recommend getting a 3 oz bulb syringe or neti pot and starting this practice daily. Sure, keep washing your hands, but remember we breath in a lot of gnarly stuff every day that we need to be free of.

    May God bless each of you with health and wholeness!

  17. Sandra says:


    My ENT doctor recommends this but he warns to make sure you use bottled water or distilled water as some people used tap water and the bacteria in the tap water have made people sick and some have even developed brain infections and died from it.

    We are to be as wise as serpents..

    God bless each and every person here..

  18. Dan.w says:

    I also ‘swear’ by the neti pot….oops…didn’t mean to swear.I have what is called [wilsons sinuses].If you never heard of it,it’s because it’s from my mom’s side,and that was her maiden name,Seriously though,my sinuses no one wants.They shut when I sleep,or sometimes restrict,and I’m not a mouth breather,so that means no sleep.I refuse to wear one of those mask thingies….plenty of time for that later.When using a neti pot,remember,follow directions to the letter.Sea salt is what is recomended,not common house salt.Because the sinus cavity is so close to the brain,you don’t want contaminated salt in there.Also,the water temp must be warm,like a babies bottle,not cold,not hot.My sleep and breathing has improved greatly.I’m not a doctor so if this sounds like something that might help you,any good store will carry the kit,and refill salt packets.They are not expensive,but worth every cent.God bless you all,Dan.w

  19. Dan.w says:;the neti pot not just take water from the tap.There is so much put into tap water,it may make your sinus problems worse,unless you boil the water first,then let it cool to the right temp.God bless you,all my friend,thanks for the good feedback/comments.Thank you Jesus for all my friends here.Please watch over each of them and their families,in your name I ask,Amen.