Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden Made a Deal with China that ‘Nobody Else Has’

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  1. dan.w says:

    Thank You Father God for Your Son/our Savior,Jesus.Make us want what You want..put it in our hearts to not rest until we reach out in love with the Gospel to the lost.We can/should be missionarie’s..right where You’ve placed us.We know time is short.Let those who think they are saved,but bear no fruit..examine themselve’ see if they are in the faith.Jesus word’s should be ringing in your the Holy Spirit was left here to remind us of all He said and done.We do well to fall at Christ’s feet in worship.True worship usually include’s not only hearing the clarion call of our Lord..but acting on what He has placed on our heart.There is a lost world,waiting for someone to tell them about Jesus.Some want an excuse not to believe,but other’s want a reason to believe…perhap’s Jesus is urging you to reach the lost…Something to consider..This world and all it’s lust’s are fading fast.Put your time and attention to the matter’s that really count.God is more interested in your availability..than your ability.Just show up..and say…send me Lord!!..He will.

  2. dan.w says:

    I must say,brother have one of the best ministrie’s going.You get ‘right to the heart’ of it.On behalf of all future believers because of your faithfulness…Thank you.You will shortly…,a week or so,receive ‘a letter’ from me.God bless you,..into eternity.

  3. dan.w says:

    Father God…As president Trump has stood for You ,for life,Israel,and truth…Lord..use him as a mighty warrior in Your hand’s.Let him uncover and expose the clinton cartel and barry soeto’s lie’s.Let him take down deep state and all who are subverting our republic.Use him embolden Christian’s and patriot’s…Give him his wall,which we need,and good,honest judge’s….Amen.

  4. dan.w says:

    The ‘letter’..went out today.I thank God He has a fine ministry like your’s that we can be a part of.This is REAL Church.We focus on the basic’s,and on the Author and Finisher of our faith.Religion alway’s complicate’s thing’s..but Christ,the person give’s us life and light.Thank you brother John for taking the time to show us…the real Gospel need not be complicated.One of ‘the thieve’s’on the cross understood and ‘got it’.Then,once we are saved,He,[Christ] has a plan for us…we are invited into His Holy work.Thank you brother John for inviting us to be a part of that.God bless you my friend.