Philadelphia: Be not Deceived God is not Mocked

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  1. Because Philadelphia’s action is violence to the traditional family.

  2. Joe says:

    this fits right in with everything else, no nation, city, or goverement, has ever survived once they gave over to homosexuals. when you look at the homosexual themselves 37% want to commit suicide and the other 37% are thinking about it, so approxamatly 70 percent are really not in there right mind, this is what happens to cities, and states also when they give over to this type of behavior.

  3. jimnjoy says:

    I haven’t heard an explanation of “why” from any of the perpetrator’s. It would be interesting to know what they are thinking.

    I am noticing that the perpetrators all seem to be black. I am pointing that out. Does that mean that I’m a racist? I think not.

    I am older. Does the fact that I am older and am pointing that out mean that I am a racist that just needs to “die”, as Oprah just stated? I think not.

    Just because someone is a celebrity and has a gazillion dollars doesn’t mean that they are wise and that we should pay any attention to them.

    Thank God that we have the Bible as our rock. Thank-you, Jesus.

  4. Cynthia says:

    I was reading this article on the Weekly Standard about Israel willing to stand alone against in light of the U.S. close to signing a very bad deal with Iran, and the date of this article popped out at me. It says December 2, 2013……

  5. Elisabeth Stott says:

    I was wondering what the people in the Phillipenes did to get clobbered by the tsunami? Any insights on that?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I was not able to see any connection with the hurricane that hit the Philippines as I do not follow what is happening in this nation.

  6. affinity says:

    thanks John/these kind of crimes are no different in intent as the killing that occured in Ruwanda, starving the russian peasants by the communists or the french revolutionary forcing killing helpless Vendees or the Pol Pot massive killing fields…same spirit has opened up here! The church needs to pray and repent for the nation and wage spiritual warfare to hold this in check if thats even possible at this time. Sin has opened up hells portal in the nation–a spirit of confusion and insanity. Read the example of how King Saul degraded before God—a good example how sin leads downward and can be very quick.

  7. Ragfish says:

    Cause and effect?
    It is always risky to label a particular event to be evidence of Providence, particularly when applied to a nation or other civil government. Nevertheless, the correspondence of urban mayhem in a city whose leader has proclaimed an endorsement of abomination cannot be discounted.

    Then there was the September San Antonio city ordinance banning the city from doing business with anyone whose deeds are seen as non-accepting of same sex marriage. Should any bad news coming out of that city be laid at the feet of the God forsaking law? If no disaster strikes that city, does that speak favorably of their inclusiveness and diversity? How would Philadelphia be judged for a mere statement by the Mayor, while San Antonio gets off the hook for anti-discrimination law which discriminates against Bible believers?

    I wonder whether the principles of Providence can be stretched to confirm our Bible based bias. Even Jonathan Edwards would keep a log of French ships sunk as ‘evidence’ of God’s judgment against France, which Edwards viewed as Satan’s agent.

    Philadelphia, like Chicago, has plenty of natural causes for urban mischief and lawless youth. Natural consequences, Providence and supernatural judgments – on this side of heaven, are we able to understand the differences with certainty?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      It is more complex than you make it out to be.
      For example, maybe there are Christians crying out to God for mercy in San Antonio and not I Philadelphia.
      Philadelphia might be further down the road of judgment than other cities.
      God judges in His timing, but the judgment will come for unrepentant rebellion against His word.
      I suggest that you walk in the fear of the Lord and do less reasoning with you mind.
      I suggest that you intercede before the Lord, when you see government doing something could trigger God’s judgment.
      When the worst disasters in US history fall on the day of national sin, to me this is all the proof anyone needs.