Presbyterian Church’s unholy matrimony of BDS and anti-Semitism

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  1. Jackie says:

    I was on the website nowtheendbegins. The article was about the Merkel the German crazy saying they were ditching pork so as not to offend Muslims.

    I copied a comment from that blog (see below). This is awful about Christians. Guess we know what it means when Jesus will say yo some….depart from me I know you not.

    Hello Laura L I am from UK and I can tell you there are a lot of faithful believers who go out to preach the Gospel…we don’t have much time over here as many Christians are being dragged off to court for their beliefs, yes the elite and liberals really have it in for Christians, the worst of the hatred, surprisingly, comes from within the churches, as liberal Christians that compromise the Word of God have divided the fellowships, the true Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven and the Holy Bible, being the Word of God, is true, as God cannot lie,
    But the liberal Christians who want to appease the world have turned on us, they say anyone who believes in the Bible is arrogant and ignorant, even some will report, let’s say if they think someone is being ‘politically incorrect’ disgusting to think that they would betray their brothers and sisters for ‘wrong thinking’ and I hate the situation these days of having to watch what you say every day, who would have thought we would reach the day in the West where someone would go to jail for their beliefs or having the wrong thoughts?! Sometimes I think I went to sleep in UK and woke up in Soviet country of the 1980s…now we have authorities encoraging to spy on people and listen in to what they say, some authorities going to Bible Club to listen in on what the current thoughts are and what the pastor is teaching…interference under the illusion that preachers are radicalising people, did you know that committed Christians are radicals?! Are a danger? Yes that is what they’re saying. So then, a few years down the line and the boots come marching for the true believers of Jesus Christ. It makes me feel sick when the liberals get excited of the thought of us being persecuted, as some do, a quick look at a liberal webpages just show anyone exactly what they think of us, they call us haters, monsters, yes certainly the evil spirits that made the Nazi froth at the mouth of their hatred of Jews is back…
    I cannot stand the level of Anti-Semitism in Europe I fear for the future, all Christians everywhere must pray for Israel and the Jewish people, remember anyone who curses Israel curses themselves…I think you guys are better off your side of the Atlantic.
    Now the evil powers that be spread the anti-Israeli propaganda all day every day on the news, which I am sure is increasing the hatred of Jews, as it seems this current increase of hatred is linked to Israel and people are using what is happening over there to be hateful to Jewish people.

  2. Ryan Thomas says:

    Thanks John and Jackie,
    2 Peter 2:20-22
    Zechariah 1:14-17
    Love to you.

  3. Dan.w says:

    We have thought police here too.,in amerika.The signs all around us show we are being judged,incrementally as we turn from the Lord.The left and islam have it out for any of us who take Christ at His word.Today,I heard a ‘lady judge’ on a ‘conservative'[liberal light] radio show apologize for her past college days ranting about homosexuality.Now the thought police,or P.C. police have made her uncomfortable enough to step away from her once held beliefs.Today,we are more concerned with offending a reprobate than offending a Holy God…And,this is a judge,running for re-election.Sorry,won’t get my vote.Truth is relative only if you don’t have the truth.Sounds like she judges according to men’s opinions,not God’s truth.Father God,please give us all here,resolve to do your will,and not cower in the face of evil,but confront it with Your truth,Amen.