President Trump Posts Late Night Statement of Defiance of the Swamp: ‘Don’t Worry, We Will Win!

2 Responses

  1. dan.w says:

    You are always welcome at my house,Mr.president.Like brother John say’s…God is with you.We are praying hard Mr.Trump,that whatever ‘swamp creatures’ are in your just roll right over them.Father God..Thank You for our president.We know You sent him as America’s ‘last chance’ to repent.You gave us a slight extra bit of time to finish what we need to do.Give our president a heart and wisdom like Your’s.Lord.Use him like You never did with any other statesman.I have the utmost respect for him,and gratitude for You,as well as love.Thank You a thousand times over,Amen.

  2. dan.w says:

    Just as the democratic party was taken over by the communists/muslims/sodomites….big surprise there…the republican party is rife with one worlder and illiminati plants that run the same train as the demoncrats.When Barry was in office,nary a protest,same with the Clinton cartel…but put an America loving person in that wants to secure the border/and reward the righteous/punish the wicked…and Whoa….can’t have any Biblical mandate’s or law’s…no..can’t have that.But,perversion ans satanism/islam…that’s o.k. Father God..root out the wicked wherever they lie……..