Proof Democrats now party of MASS MENTAL ILLNESS

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  1. dan.w says:

    It was something to watch a very rude Mr.Acosta..i.e.[accost ya..],try to go toe to toe with Mr.president.What a sad case of fake journalist.He has absolutely NO idea of respect the office,which we at least tried to do with ovomit….a fake citizen with no birth certificate,oh,excuse me..2 birth certifications…one FAKE,and one hidden.There were wins and losses..but our president is more than a match for any liberal,socialist boob that will play playground games…Am I name calling…?.no,just aptly applying the proper name to the offending characters.I’m only stating the very obvious about the oblivious.We are in a spiritual war..and the enemy will not let up…so we cannot either.I’m sad so many supposed conservatives sat on their hands this time around,or voted for ‘a man’,instead of righteousness….Retirement is not a Bible concept.Eternal rest is a farce.Absent from the body,present with the Lord.If this country is lost…it is because of Christian/conservatives..not libs…We reproduce after our own kind.I don’t see a lot of Christian reproduction i.e, are you born again? Gospel being put out there by most believers..and that my friends cannot bode well if you want to keep and preserve this country.Sometimes pragmatism works…but never in the spiritual realm is it recommended.Its as if we are playing the playground games with God like the libs are playing with us……

  2. dan.w says:

    Like Columbo…ah,..just one more thing.It amazes me that ‘spiritually dead ‘people can get out the vote..and get physically dead people and illegals,and pets to vote and win..and we…who are twice alive can barely reach the handle….Bye,Bye..miss American pie…drove my chevy to the levee..but the…you know the song.

  3. dan.w says:

    O.k…my last post…I promise.I’m not ‘beating up ‘my fellow least not the ones here.I ‘know’ you all are serious believers..thats why you frequent this ministry site…Its ‘those other guys’…God bless all of you wherever the Lord has placed you..and God bless the ministries He has entrusted to your care……really.