Prophecy Packet Update

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  1. Norman says:

    I thought you would all find this report very interesting, especially the comments section below the article. Compare and contrast the American and British Constitutions, for example. But the net result is the same. Our PM, although I think certainly of nominal Christian upbringing, has probably taken this step at the behest of his advisors, because of the right-wing backlash unleashed by his championing of the Same Sex Marriage legislation. Much could be said, and it should be obvious that here, as elsewhere, you will know them only by their fruits! And in a climate of general apostasy in the Church, is it any wonder?

    Nothing much has changed, as throughout history the Established Church has always persecuted the True (Rev 17:6 again). Nevertheless, the debate itself is an opportunity for the Gospel, as many of the comments show. The one below is also quite interesting!

    “Praveen – We, the immigrants came to Britain knowing full well this is a Christian country; otherwise we would have stayed Bach home! We do not want any part to become like Mogadisgu, Dhaka, Karachi, Mumbai or any strict Islamic country. I have seen remarkedly lowering of living standards in areas of immigrant community and would rather live in CHRISTIAN country.
    P.S. I am Hindu”

    Thank God for the opportunities presented to us each day, and for us to occupy till he comes!

  2. Dan.w says:

    Very true brother Norman.The sun is setting in Great Britain and in many other countries.America’s light is flickering and dimming.It seems as islam is having it’s day in many areas,and since liberalism has a hold in the world’s politics,compromise always leads to surrender and suffering because the worlds movers and shakers are unable to grasp the spiritual significance and war they have placed themselves in.They do not possess the tools or weapons to defeat such enemies.The ‘church’,with a small ‘c’,has caved in due to the fear of man instead of God.I thank the Lord for the faithful remnant…you are one brother,as are those others who post here.God has His own all around the world.We may be small in number,but then again the Lord uses small numbers to accomplish His will.Even with all the bad things I see,hope is on the horizon.Christ is our hope and our strength.I believe Vance Havner had a quote that went something like this…..There is a false christianity,that looks so much like the real thing,that good men are afraid to speak out. In this day and age,it;s our turn to stand up for the Lord.And we are doing just that in part on this blog.God bless you,and all my other friends here.Dan.w

  3. Norman says:

    Appreciate your kind fellowship Dan, and many others here too. When one is in the thick of worldly concerns, it’s such an encouragement, affirming we are heaven-bound. Thank you.

  4. Becca Hampshire says:

    Thank you. Would love to receive to educate people on prophesy and Jesus. An educate myself. Never studied revelation. It always confused me when I was younger.