Prophecy Packet Update: India

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  1. Dan.w says:

    When I see the prophecy packs go out as they do,with all the accompanying photo’s,testimonies,etc…I can clearly see we are looking at the ‘finish line’,as in a heavenly marathon race.It appears to me the Lord is about to wrap things up soon….in our lifetime.which could soon hear a shout…COME UP HITHER!………WOW!!!,are we close!.There is a last ditch try of evil,but the Lord is also pulling out all the stops,getting His Gospel into all corners of the globe.The ‘glory has departed’the worldly church……..can it be that we may soon to be taken?God bless you brother John,and also to all who co-labor together with us,be it prayer,encouragement,ministry support,etc.All of you are valuable in God’s sight,and in ours.Thank you Jesus,for this brotherhood of the faithful remnant,Amen. P.S..Lord,please protect all those faithful brothers/sisters in other lands who get your word and truth out to the lost.