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  1. Dan.w says:

    I want to encourage everyone who reads these posts,to consider getting the prophecy pack that brother John is making available to us.Now is the time where they will be most effective.This is a huge part of why Jesus left us here in the first place.He is not done with us,and wants us to make soul winning a priority.He wants to use us to help populate heaven.The whole of Scripture points to Jesus,He Himself is our Creator as read in John 1;1-3,and other passages.Out of love for Him,and unselfishness on our part,reproducing believers is our goal.That can happen when we tell others about His saving grace and complete salvation for us and all who would accept His personal invitation to come to Him.It is a free gift for any who ask..for Christ paid the sin debt in full,for us all at the Cross.If you are not sure if you are heaven bound,..ask the Lord right now to forgive and save you.He will do it instantly,right where you are…right now……..ask.

  2. Dan.w says:

    I can’t remember the first time when I heard you brother John.I think it was years ago on Noah Hutchings S.W.R.C. show.You have been such a blessing and encouragement to me as well.One thing that stands out of what I’ve learned from you is ‘it’s not about religion’.it’s about a person.That has so stuck in my mind,and I use it while witnessing because it cuts through all the smoke and mirrors,and greatly clarifies the reality of it all.If Christianity was a religion,it would be one religion versus another,just a matter of preference,however it is apples and oranges.Christianity is a person.Religion cannot save anyone,but the person of Christ,He saves people every day.It’s really a misnomer to be called a Christian,because it is impossible to live the Christian life..but Christ can live His life through us,and that’s the beauty…It’s all of Him.God bless you in this ministry,and all you touch for the Lord’s sake.Dan.w

  3. Dan.w says:

    The Lord seeth not as a man seeth;for a man looketh on the outward appearance,but the Lord looketh on the heart. 1 Samuel 16;7

  4. Dan.w says:

    And I will put emnity between thee and the woman,and between [thy seed] and her seed;It shall bruise thy head,and thou shalt bruise his heel. Genesis 3;15 And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay,[they] shall mingle themselves with the seed of men;but they shall not cleave one to another,even as iron is not mixed with clay. Daniel 2;43 And it came to pass,as they still went on,and talked,that,behold,there appeared a chariot of fire,and horses of fire,and parted them both assunder;and Elijah went up by a[ whirlwind] into heaven. 2 Kings 2;11 And Elisha prayed,and said,LORD,I pray thee,open his eyes,that he may see.And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man;and he saw;and behold,the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha. 2 Kings 6;17 And the cherubims were lifted up.This is the living creature that I saw by the river of Chebar.And when the cherubims went by them;and when the cherubims lifted up their wings to mount up from the earth,the same wheels also turned not from beside them.When they stood,these stood;and when they were lifted up,these lifted up also:for the spirit of the living creature was in them. Ezekiel 10;15-17 After this I looked,and,behold,a door was opened in heaven;and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me;which said,[Come up hither],and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. Revelation 4;1 These passages show the reality of the devil having seed,the reality of heavenly flight,which eyes may not always see,and that the Bible has in it,passages which some may never have read before.All the issues of life,and answers too,can be found within it’s pages.Emphasis added are mine.Thanks,God bless all of you,Dan.w

  5. Pamela says:

    Tensions building with Russia over homosexuality…

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told online video NowThis News this week that the International Olympic Committee made a “very bad choice” letting Russia host the Games because of the country’s record on gay rights.

    “It’s like going into ancient history. The whole world has moved to a different place,” Pelosi said. “That this should even be an issue speaks to the inappropriateness of Russia being the site for the Winter Olympics.”

    Article goes onto pile up of incidents building tensions but my concern is that the US is making sin the top priority in the world. Sadly we are leading way to sin and debauchery… but using our might to force countries to bow down and accept it.

    Got that sinking feeling… judgments are upon us. God Bless.

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  6. Norman says:

    Re Daniel 2:43: I think it is likely that the real interpretation is much more down to earth. We should bear in mind that the image that Nebuchadnezzer saw in his dream was, in effect, an idolatrous system, connected spiritually to Babylon – both then and now. Idolatry is at the heart of Babylon, and we could develop much insight from this, concerning the events of Revelation 13, and the demand that the image of the beast be worshiped. (Why else were Daniel and his companions put into the fiery furnace?) So if we think of the progression down to the toes, and remember that the iron of the Roman Empire, in which the iron-like Caesars thought of themselves as semi-divine (Cf, Pontifex Maximus) the picture is of an imperial world power that is finally humanistic as well as god-like, political, as much as spiritual. And isn’t this just what we are seeing? But they are strange bedfellows, and ultimately, will fall out – praise God! (Rev 17:16) And the most important thing is what happens in the end – Dan 7:27; Rev Chs.18-19. Who will rule with a rod of iron then? (Psalm 2)

  7. Dan.w says:

    You are right on,sister Pamela.We not only make sin here in the U.S. the new ‘virtue’..we export it as well,to our undoing.The city on a hill has had it’s flame go out.