Putin Showcases Russian Military Preparedness to Neighbors

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  1. Gary B says:

    Could Israel use a submarine to nuke Iran? I don’t know if that would get the job done to Israel’s satisfaction, but if it would, that would solve the distance problem for their air force.

  2. Brandon says:

    Hey John do you think that maybe the method of Soviet subversion could be the way Russians bring judgment on us?

  3. Irene C says:

    I remember when the wall came down and the Soviet Union crumbled. A lot of prophecy watchers were surprised and scratching their heads. But I always get a thrill watching how God arranges the pieces and parts together to accomplish what is to come. It’s like watching a chess game, Man (Satan) vs God, except we know who wins in the end. It’s exciting.

    God Bless and Maranatha

  4. Gary B says:

    I’m curious as to what other Christians think our actions and reactions should be to the continual advancement of homosexuality. A state judge in Arkansas just said that Arkansas has to legalize sodomite marriage. I am VERY angry at what is happening, but I feel helpless to do anything. I think the “justice system” has abandoned morality and is determined to force the legalization of this perverted sin on everyone. I would like to find a way to stop it, but I can’t think of anything that would be successful that would be legal. If anyone has any thoughts, please express them.

    It occurred to me this week, in a greater way than ever before, that those who favor homosexual “marriage” have no morals. There is only one valid moral code, and that is the one God gave. When that is rejected, there is no other valid, objective moral standard to replace it. I have people tell me all the time that “morality is subjective”. I tell them if it is then we all get to decide for ourselves what is moral and immoral, but no one can ever say that what anyone else does is wrong, or right. But they never agree with me.

  5. Danielle says:

    @ Gary ~ you are not alone. Many of my Christian friends feel angry, sad and helpless about what is happening, just as you do. We talk… We have tried for many years now to tell people what would happen if our nation did not turn back to God. They didn’t want to hear it and will not listen, and just as Brother John said, there is no turning back now. This is going full speed ahead, because God is a Holy God and He will not keep looking the other way while this country continues to mock Him. Genesis 6:5 says “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” The atmosphere of “hate” is all around us now. As the darkness grows we are one day closer to Jesus returning for His Bride. Just as Noah took his family and got them safely into the Ark, we must stay in the safety of Jesus’ Word to be protected. Hebrews 3:13 “Exhort one another daily ….” Is another way to stay safe as we wait for His return. If I did not have all of you on this blog to encourage me to keep going, I would be a sad package and go back to crying in my beer !! We have come to far to turn back, and besides it’s almost Shoutin Time (only Southern Gospel fans know that)! Please keep reading, posting, witnessing,
    exhorting, and looking for The Blessed Hope. Thank You, Brother John for all you do. Cannot wait to meet every one of you, very , very soon! Shalom 🙂

  6. Gary B says:

    Danielle, thank you for your post. “As it was in the days of Noah” and “as it was in the days of Lot”. Those were times when the wicked were ascendant and the righteous were a distinct minority. Just like today in this country. But God’s judgment fell after awhile. And after God had secured the safety of His people. Same thing is going to happen here soon.

    An old preacher hero of mine once said, “This world is getting darker, and darker, but my Father’s face shines brighter and brighter.” Hopefully, it won’t be long until we are all out of here and at home with God. I have a lot of people I love over there now. I can hardly wait to see them again. And next we meet, we will never part again. And, there are lots of people over there I have never met, but would like to. About all we can do, it seems, is keep the faith. Keep rebuking the wicked and exhorting the righteous. Look forward to meeting you on that day.

  7. Dan.w says:

    We are ‘fastracked’ to God’s judgment.One of the signs the Lord gives is when He gives over a nation to it’s own debased lusts.We ‘eat children like candy’in the form of abortion,[murder].Secular societies morals always change,like a sail finding the wind.Homosexuality was once repulsive,and any who practiced or encouraged it was cast out,at the very least.Now,it is the new royalty,with society sucking it’s bootstraps…Makes me wretch.Most favored pervert status…Thats where we are.Also,our national appetite for luring children…you know has to sicken God at His heart.Do we have much time…..I think America is in a long line of dominoes……..when one falls,you know what happens next.We need to make sure we are [in the Ark]…or put another way,be sure we have all of our trust in Christ to save us and keep us.This planet reeks of soul sickness.Apple tree’s make apples.Unregenerate beget unregenerate.We must surrender fully to the Holy Spirit’s leading,and be used greatly in this precarious hour.There’s not much time,and eternity is almost within sight….Lets win souls.

  8. Joni says:

    One day recently, it occurred to me like a neon sign….tho I already knew this to be true, it was emphasized to me in this manner…..regarding the sodomite’s demanding marriage. If they wanted equal protection, survivors benefits, etc, that was all available without changing the definition of their union to marriage.
    What was made very clear to me was this…. If they “belonged to God, as so many profess to, if they really did, they would not have the desire to “change the word of God to suit themselves”. They would not have tampered with it. And the reason we know they do not belong to God is that their “pride” at their lifestyle God abhors, seperates them from Him. I wish they could see.
    I am also seeing a distinct line in the sand, and I am seeing people removed from my life, and am seeing their pride, reprobate behavior, and love of sin, way more than I ever saw it before. Is this happening to others???? Its all getting more blatant, and angry so to speak. Like the line in the sand has been drawn.
    God Bless us all,

  9. Danielle says:

    Joni ~ yes! I am happy and sad at the same time that you are seeing it .. Like a line of separation or the beginning of a goodbye and it is tearing at my heart now. It is like He is slowly turning my face to see Him and only Him as this world and those who love it fade out of my life. Before we can truly be His, it is almost as though I want to scream at those who have not repented and say PLEASE WAKE UP AND SEEK THE LORD! There is such a very short time left … How can they not see ?? Praying for all of you who read this blog … and also those you love, that every single one of your loved ones will come to Christ before He returns.
    Pour out Your Holy Spirit upon them, Lord. Open the floodgates of Heaven and let it rain on our families. Cause repentance to fill their hearts before it is too late. Send bold witnesses into their lives, just like You did for us when we were saved. Use us as well to minister to those You bring across our path. Bring the Scriptures to our mind that You desire for us to share with them, that they might be saved. We want so much to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant!” Help us to be God pleasers, not man pleasers. We are sorry for the times we have failed You in missed opportunities to speak out boldly for You, and give thanks for Your grace and mercy which cover us always. Make us Your spotless Bride and take us home to be with You soon, because we love You and are Forever Yours ~ Amen .

  10. Dan.w says:

    I’ve noticed…[looking back],that our cultural christianity,’not the real born again one’,has always laughed or winked at sin,wanted to be friends with the world,because who,even us,do not like it when we are not liked.Real Christianity knows we need words,God’s words injected into a culture that wants to spit them back out…but… some will take…and produce fruit.The world is watching us to see if we are for real.They see so much that makes them run from Christianity,because many say the are believers,but their life shows otherwise,and that turns them off.We have to depend on the Lord for all things,and try to be as above board as possible so our talk matches our walk..I’ve heard it said…[.and if you need to,use words].Well of course.If we don’t tell them of our Savior,they won’t get it by osmosis.Leviticus 18;22 is a verse that is like the third rail,most are afraid to touch..What is even more sobering is the next verse…and if you bring it up in company,they might say…oh.that’ll never happen Oh yeah!!….Animals are not off limits to a person who has thrown off all restraint.Pedophilia is slowly being normalized worldwide,being called another choice,and with all the tricks in the devils toolbox,he’s using them.Lord Jesus,I want to end this rambling with a hopeful note.We hope you come soon and right all the wrongs.Right now would be fine with me.

  11. S. O, says:

    I don’t know if anyone else has seen this, but those who favor sodomy are really pushing the idea that the New Testament doesn’t truly condemn it. Someone on facebook had a link to an article on the salon website that used many fancy words to say that God was O.K. with homo marriage. There are many weak believers as well as non-believers out there who don’t know the Bible very well, if at all, who will fall for this lie, hook, line, and sinker. And, yes, I think that Amerika is done,unless God sends revival to this nation. It is so sad to watch our demise, especially since I have children and grandchildren. May God have mercy upon each of us and our families. Shalom. S.O.

  12. Irene C says:

    Yes Joni, I see it too. A line has been drawn in the sand. It really didn’t think about it for awhile. Just though it was a normal difference in personalities, but now I can see it with friends and family. Nothing is ever really said to my face, but sometimes it’s just a look or I see the body language. When it’s people close to me, it hurts, but I just have to let go and give it to the Lord.

  13. Joni says:

    I am especially saddened by the new age con man, Mark Driscoll, out of Seattle. He claims to be a preacher, he mocks Jesus, he is callous and crude, downright filthy really, all while using the fact that Seattle has such a high rate of singles, who are involved in fornication and sodomy, that he must talk that way to get through to them. Anyways, he is a calvinist, and he is planting mega churches on the West Coast, (Mars Hill, 29 Apostles) and its HUGE. He wrote a book, ( well plagerized some of it) and bought 200,000. worth himself, on the sly, to bring it to the New York Best Sellers list. He is a con man big time. His book tells wives they must shop at certain sex stores, and practice sick things like sodomy with their husbands, as “The Bible said so” He refutes that Noah was rightous, even tho God said so. This guy is a cancer, and he is friends with John Piper, who wrote there is no hell, Rick Warren, of Chrislam, and more. THIS is whats taken over the big churches, this is the apostasy. This is why we cannot turn back. They believe a lie.
    So thankful to be away from Seattle….sometimes I long for the beauty, but my mind quickly corrects itself.
    God Bless us all,

  14. Barbara in VA says:

    Amen, Irene. I don’t get out much anymore, so most of the people I see are family and the “look” and “body language” is more than obvious! The hurt I feel is not for myself, but for those who do not see what is happening. I have learned to just shut up if I see those looks because I have learned that much speaking does not do any good in those cases. I guess what concerns me most is a question that I am not very sure of the answer – but a friend and I were discussing this a few days ago. Doesn’t God’s Word say that only those who are looking for Him will be taken when He calls us up!? My children and their spouses are all believers, but only two that I know of are “looking”. It frightens me to think the others may not go in the rapture and they just shrug, roll their eyes, or look away if I mention end times, so I do a lot of praying! Is there anyone who could clear up this question with Scripture!?

    Psalm 25:5 (KJV)

    5 Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.


  15. Joni says:

    I meant to write Acts 29. not 29 Apostles. I am so sad that people believe his filth, and his churches have brought in MILLIONS and MILLIONS. He is some type of cult leader, they all do what he says. Like Jim Jones. Ugghhhh.

  16. Dan.w says:

    Thank you Father God…for all my friends/family here.Keep us safe in your care,I ask in Jesus beautiful name,Amen.