Race protests morphing into ‘French Revolution fervor

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  1. dan.w says:

    I agree 100% brother John with your assessment of us going into a french revolution type scenario.Only true patriots and blood bought saints will fight for righteousness sake and for liberty…the rest make me want to puke…sorry.The dems are almost all sold out,but the same can accurately be said for RINO’s.They are even more traitorous,hiding behind a cloak of conservatism while turning a wrecking ball to all that is good and pure.Trump is in their sights because he is the real deal..they are satans little minions.The late John McCain,Paul Ryan…both Bushes…these types are what is taking us down as well.They are wolves who are globalists,liberal to the core..and don’t have a spine between the lot of them.I see why many don’t vote anymore.God bless Mr.Trump.We need God to direct and bless us as well..because one day soon..we may have to be put in a position to fight a ‘fellow citizen’or hordes of them just to survive..because the devil washed their brain with lies from the major media,public school,college,islamic indoctrination,the occults,false science,etc.We need to be very,very wise in this hour..the days are evil..with no shortage of demonic henchlings wanting to ‘purp’ on our day.Black lies matter,antifa,and the like are not going away.They have been sent with a distinct purpose..to eradicate us.Remember that next time someone spouts off liberal go along garbage to you.First they want you to beg forgiveness,then kiss their feet..then when youv’e outlived your usefulness.pop,,,,, a bullet to our head…Just like in other revolutions.If you surrender and wave the white flag…you are worse than them.At least they have fight,though for the wrong side.Die with your boots on,fighting..don’t cower like a chicken licking their dirty boots. Over and out.

  2. dan.w says:

    Just a change of pace….Happy Fathers Day brother John.Enjoy your family,Dan.w

  3. dan.w says:

    We must never forget…it’s not about ‘race’….this is a full blown Psy-Ops….A psychological operation to destroy America from within,to take down a good president,to eliminate the rule of law.I would love for Father God to step on the snakes head..grind him to dust..and let us all see him get cast into Hell by Jesus.Along with the snake..take soro’s,gates,hellery..the whole gang….fuel for the fire.Let God turn the illuminati into…the eliminated.