Report: Several Mail Bombs ‘Not Capable of Exploding,’ Not All Tested Yet

2 Responses

  1. d says:

    These fake bombs/fake letters..are a ruse,I believe.satan,[with a small [s]’,is starting little fires all around to keep us hopping from one ‘event’ to another,always one step behind,and left scratching our heads in confusion while he laughs at us in our stupidity because we don’t see the spiritual connection.The ‘van’ could have had trump stickers placed on it as part of the ploy,or,the man could be mentally ill/demon possessed.Crazy people do show up at almost all events,just do the math.I believe this guy was a ‘shill’ for the evil one,just like many I’ve named before.There are only two ‘camps’ folks…God’s or satan’s…There is no door number 3.The devil is in ramp up mode because he KNOWS his time is very short.We will unfortunately see more nasty stuff come down the pike,meant to scare us out of our socks,and because we are caught off guard,’they’ hope we take ‘their’solution…No thanks.God has a better way…I’ll go with Him.

  2. dan.w says:

    Real Christians love the Jewish people.I do.There are some who may have gotten off on a rabbit trail,and think..hey,we replaced the Jews Biblically speaking.Not so.They were only temporarily ‘set aside’,so that gentiles could have the offer of salvation.Replacement theology unfortunately has a short sighted view,and wrongly interprets Scripture.Then there are those who hate the Jews,but don’y know why..It is,I believe a spiritual hatred,because they hate God first,without always realizing it.We are in a time frame where,unfortunately,this bad stuff will increase.Evil men and seducers will wax worse,and worse.I believe that what satan meant for evil could eventually prompt the Jews to make an exodus back to Israel,because it is far safer there,or will be,because that is their natural home according to the Lord.We are watching Bible prophecy as it is unfolding.No one said it would be pretty.According to Scripture,when the Jewish people are out of their national homeland,it will be very hard for them..My take..God is calling..calling them to come back…come home.I pray for their safety,wherever they are.