Ruthless Deep State at War With America

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  1. dan.w says:

    We are in the midst of a ‘coup’..There are [two America’s]…operating side by side,kind of like a ‘parallel universe’ from a bad horror movie..only it’s real.The ‘DEEP STATE’ is not just national in scope,but global.It has been in operation since the ‘garden’.This is satan’s kingdom right now,and America,as imperfect as she is,is still a holdout in many way’s against the ‘honed one’.There is still some freedom,and Christian’s are still salt/light.When the rapture happen’s I believe a lot less people will disappear,than some have suggested in their book’s..none the less,it will be huge because of the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit will be gone,and sin will run like a car with a stuck accelerator with no brake’s.The gate to the pit will have slammed open with hungry,angry denizen’s of Hell,looking for some ‘easy meat’.It will be a ‘feeding frenzy’.I thank God,some republican’s grew some much needed anatomy in these hearing’s.We need more backbone such as was presented to defend Godliness and character against the onslaught of treason,treachery,open perversion of law and flesh and conscience.We have to call out the demoncrat/socialist/marxist God hater’s.All they know is me,me,me..death and destruction.It’s a war of god’s…the real one against the god of ‘self’.Father the defender of those who still love You,and truth,Amen.

  2. David Bumbier says:

    dan w, I really enjoy and appreciate your comments on John’s commentaries. They are always “spot on” and appropriate. Thank you dear brother and God bless you and your loved ones/family.

  3. dan.w says:

    Father God.please bless my Christian family here..thanks brother Dave for the kind words.I’m thankful also that Mr.Trump’s pick made it to the supreme court.I believe one of the reason’s the left resisted him so was not as much for the pro-life end of it,though that is big,but for the 2nd amendment part where we can keep and bear arm’s for self defense.The left/islam and others want us to be without defense.It’s easier to take over us if we cannot fight back.Globalist’s hate America,and what she stand’s for.They want to eradicate nation’s and border’s and turn us into quivering and begging mush of needy crybabies,so they can ‘nannystate us into an early grave with praises for them as our last words on our lip’s.They want to ‘be god’,but it’s not up for grabs so they try to force it on us.Thank you again,President Trump for being a man of your word…and not a politician.As a side bar.I urge everyone who really loves this country..and what we were founded please make a serious effort to learn about the candidates,where they stand,how it lines up with Scripture,[as much as possible],then pray and vote.It is really close,and one vote will make a difference either way.Complacency shouldn.t be in a Christian’s DNA.God bless you all.