Satan’s Party: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam Doubles Down on Murdering Newborn Infants

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  1. dan.w says:

    A pre-born baby is a God’s eye’s and in mine.Because of their size and location…they are easy prey.Father God..Give Your Saint’s …A SPINE…President Trump called out this evil in front of the nation.We,as Christ’s follower’s need to bring this crime against God,out into the open.Lord God…Give our legislator’s at all level’s..clarity to see this is unconstitutional..and it is murder.Raise up Your soldier’s Lord to defeat this tragedy…before America fall’s because of it. Amen.

  2. Brendon says:

    dan. w – Amen!

  3. dan.w says:

    What it takes to be saved…Trusting fully in Christ’s all sufficient sacrifice for us..Paid for at the Cross. Trait’s of the effective Christian..availability,humility,a proper awareness of God,tenacity.Unfortunately,many cult’s and ‘ism’s’ possess most of these in spade’s.You could find something admirable in Jehovah witnesses,Catholicism,mormonism,etc.They miss the main thing..but from outer appearances you could see why they have people attracted to them.We could all benefit from their ‘gift’s’..yet not water down the truth.God has gifted each of us to reach out to the lost world..including those on this short list.God bless each of you as you walk in truth and God’s peace,which is Jesus.

  4. Gord says:

    Alex Jones exposed the fact that America Intelligence has been in contact with Demons for decades using advanced drugs and brain computer probes to convey information that is being used to destroy humanity, we are living in the days when humanity and all flesh is in danger of being destroyed…a few years ago I came under attack by evil entities that tried to possess me, I knew immediately that if I was in contact with these evil entities that the CIA and others knew about them, Jones confirmed by suspicions.
    Prayer and condemnation of these evil spirits is the only weapon we have or they will rule this planet, my fear is war will destroy America because America has embraced evil, the fact children in America can be executed after birth is a wicked curse.

  5. dan.w says:

    Thank you brother John.I agree with Gord,some high strangeness is going on.As brother John will attest,it looks to be paganism,with all it’s spiritual workings,[occult in nature] that will be the dominant religious persuasion in these last day’s.Islam,as evil as it is ,is just a piece of it.We are in a ‘new Babel’ period…only,now technology has ramped up to meet with the ‘hidden ‘ knowledge of the ages from the evil ones.Like Yoga..which has been repackaged as a cure all,when in reality it is a satanic door way to let evil in.Many naive people have no spiritual discernment,and you can’t tell them the truth about all this without them defending something they are clueless about,and have done zero research on.They will go down this dark path willingly,yet say NO to the God who has warned them not to.People in large degree want to be god’s…that’s why abortion,[child murder/sacrifice] appeals to them…it’s a satanic ‘role play’.We will see thing’s of strange spiritual nature manifest more and more people are open to it..both good and bad.In the past,I have encountered various spiritual occurances,but the Lord has me as His own,so I see these through the lens of Scripture…Heard voices 4 times in the past.Trust me..they are real.First voice was evil..I refused ‘it’s request’…Two other times,good voices ‘warned me’ just in time…Last heard one said…’You’ve got five years’….I’ve seen visions..once had a witness see the same one with out any coaching,strange sign in the sky..[rotating matrix cloud]..without a source to make it..Had people I’ve never met tell me ‘I know God sent you to talk to me’…stuff like that.Once,the Lord used me to tell a lady all about her life..[she knew God read her mail]..cause I didn’t know her…She received the message the Lord had for her with gladness..and turned back to Him.Lets all stay ‘prayed up’..because Jesus is coming back for His bride..and it can’t be to far off.