School demands Christians let atheists ‘lead Bible studies

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  1. dan.w says:

    The whole world is pictured on the hill of Calvary.3 Crosses,One who mocked and scoffed…one who believed unto Salvation.There was no end one would go to ,to deride the King of the universe ,in front of the world stage..yet,the other was at his end..with nothing to offer,no works to try and exchange with,a death sentence being carried out in the making…and the Lord heard his humble cry of a request..and honored it.Our nation looks very much like that hill.Half the country hissing at God,His Christ..and anything that resembles law,order,righteousness,Godliness,patriotism,etc.The other half…spiritually tired and broken..but still wanting a future that has hope…and a small remnant in that last group will fight to the last drop…and breath..because we know what lie’s just ahead ‘when’evil get’s full but temporary control.This is our hour.We either hear His voice,or as in old testament day’ just sound’s like an irritating noise to us,and we perish.The people who heard God,listened and obeyed,the rebel’s only heard a hideous noise…prior to their destruction.I pray you hear a Voice…and not a noise…….