SCIENCE BLOG POST: Designer Babies: Creating a ‘better’ humanity or a step towards transhumanism?

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  1. Dan.w says:

    DNA or genecode is God’s blueprint or,recipe if you will.Satan,his minions,and fallen man all try to take turns corrupting God’s plan.The first judgment was with water,the next will be with fire.What do both of these judgments have in common?Something/or someone has tampered with the Lord’s genepool,and He has to put a stop to it.Noah was perfect in his generation meant untampered genes.Fallen beings will corrupt themselves with all flesh.Daniels ‘ten toes’,also talks about [iron and clay].It also mentions that [they] shall seek to mingle [their seed] with the seed of men,just what we are talking about here.I believe the clay refers to us,as we were made from the dust of the ground by the Creator,and iron refers to the fallen ones who have been very active trying to change God’s playbook.We,of course know how it ends.