Science: Calling Fire From Heaven (1) May 7, 2009

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  1. Tim from Orlando says:


    Great insight! In addition, I read today how the Census Bureau is sending thousands out to laser “tag” with GPS tehcnology, the coordinates of every home in the U.S. at a minimum distance of 40 feet from the front door. Being a professional GPS survey CADD technician, I know what this entails! To build to my point, I maintain that this could be done by geo-referencing the existing online aerials through Autocad if they wanted to, but it sure looks like they want the personal contact with the homeowners now. Why? Is it cheaper? I don’t know, but it sure doesn’t help folks like me get back to work. Is it more practical? Only if you want the personal information now. Is it safer? No, either method will still allow one’s home to be laser “tagged” with coordinates. Either way, they are in love with this new idea of “tagging” every home with GPS coordinates. So why am I concerned about this? Not because I want to do this particular job! That comment only served to illustrate (IMHO) the hypocrisy of this administration policies to get folks like me back to work.
    Here’s what I AM worried about: In our military, this is done to acquire targets for laser-guided munitions. Surely this administration wouldn’t do THAT to their civilians now, would they? hmmmmm

  2. BabbaZee says:

    Thanks again John!

  3. marcel says:

    As I write ,I am watching the growing inferno surrounding Sanat Barbara and wonder about the precentage of big money from there funded Obama's rise to power ?
    Satan's war against the Kingdom of God has geared up and our hope is there not here.

    'According to Haaretz, Jones was quoted in a classified foreign ministry cable as having told his European interlocutor, "The new administration will convince Israel to compromise on the Palestinian question. We will not push Israel under the wheels of a bus, but we will be more forceful toward Israel than we have been under Bush."
    He then explained that the US, the EU and the moderate Arab states must determine together what "a satisfactory endgame solution," will be
    Interview with Benjamin Baruch