Scientists put human gene into monkeys to make them smarter, human-like

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  1. dan.w says:

    I used to think how bad the world will be ‘after’the rapture,because our influence is removed…Well, our influence is AWOL for the most I guess we don’t have to’s here.I just want to put out a big ‘shout out’ for all the ‘Christians’ who refused to heed Christ’s call.Thank you…for nothing.If you are sitting on your hand’s…what will come to your door in the spiritual realm will be the ‘fruit’ of your disobedience…and it won’t be pretty.I commend those who ARE standing for Jesus in the way He has shown you.Thank you very,very much..and I mean that.I know it isn’t alway’s easy to do so…but for the head in the sand crowd…..shade’s of Laodecea..if I spelled it incorrectly,I won’t be ashamed at HIS return…I see church building’s on fire..but where is the ‘fire’ in the Christian believer???I know where…It’s in those of other countrie’s who are not fat and sleek like us…who may really die at a moment’s notice for just trusting Jesus.We don’t know what hard is….Father God…Please don’t let me be one of those You want to vomit out of Your mouth.Do whatever it take’s so I don’t become lukewarm.There I go…pleasing the crowd again.

  2. dan.w says:

    The ‘old guard’,meaning pelosi,uncle Joe..and the other misfit’s are the rotten wood the ‘New regressive’s’ will walk on to get to us.They are,to the ‘New left’,old,dead,decaying,and irrelevant.They ,[the new guard] will go for the jugular…[US].If I have to defend myself and family,[which is Biblical],I will and ask God to put on my lip’s,the ‘bretheren’ who helped the enemy by not showing up for duty..and for each God hater that may have to be [reincarnated] because they bowed to satan rather than God,and don’t have an ‘off’switch…I will mention my long lost ‘bretheren ‘by name as a memorial to their’honor’….I pray God that there will be a way God turn’s these goon’s around cause I would rather bless them than fit them for toetag’s…The rapture could come now…and I’d be o.k. with it.The devil is pulling out all stop’s…we may have to as well.Pray up people…We are in the most serious of time’s…..

  3. dan.w says:

    They are name only…Excuse my french…but they are hell bent,[no exaggeration] on our a country,as a free people.When you see the DNA tampering ala shade’s of God’s first judgment in the flood’it’s a seed war’,God’s seed VS satan’s seed.Gen 3;15 and Daniel with the statue having part iron[demon seed],part clay[man’s seed]…’They seek to mingle with the seed of men’..though they don’t cleave..[God prohibit’s it] is still attempted with the ensueing monstrocitie’s made…like frankenstein on steroid’s.The evil one has his foot soldier’s working double time..while a lot of churche’s..sad to ‘bingo’ with the world.I personally believe CERN will play a huge role in the near future as it appear’s to me to be the ‘gate of Apollyon’,[the destroyer].Though Jesus has those key’s to ‘The Pit’they are trying to open…I believe Jesus may someday ‘oblige’them and ‘let them open it’…only to have all REAL HELL break loose with no way to close pandora’s box again.Cern may also become the super weapon the world,energized by satan use’s to try to kill Christ and us at our glorious ‘re-entry’ in the cloud’s….unsuccessful,of course…We,as Christian’s…need to be on our [A] game.

  4. danw says:

    Father God…please wake the sleepy Christian.We need all hand’s on deck.I know You don’t need number’s,and more often than not..You whittle down the count.I believe the sleepy one’s would want to help if they knew the seriousness of the situation we are in,morally in America.I want to stand in the gap for them,give them the benefit of the doubt as maybe their pastor may be ‘soft’ on Bible.Bring us all closer to You so we can be about the work You left us here for.The evil one is running full bore and many believer’s won’t know what hit them until it is too late.Now is not the time for sleep,but to be awake in the Spirit of God.Amen.