Spiritual Background Behind Hurricane Irma

7 Responses

  1. Gary Canant says:

    With respect to Kim Jung Un, check out Deut 32:21

  2. Catherine says:

    Edith Windsor, who was the plaintiff against the Defense of Marriage Act, died yesterday, so it looks like the Lord is calling to judgment those personally responsible, too.

  3. KimW says:

    John and Georgann, you are both in our prayers for your continuing health. Please keep all of us updated on this situation. Yours in JESUS PRECIOUS NAME.

  4. danw says:

    Thank you both for this ministry.I have asked for mercy and repentance regarding my sins.Also for the sins of this land.I do not expect God to treat this as cheap grace.If our nation refuses to see its own sin and repent,it isn’t because the Lord isn’t speaking,but we are not listening.His judgments will become ever increasing in severity,until nothing but rubble will remain.Ninevah repented and received a temporary reprieve…Question..Will we repent?

  5. Char says:

    I am in Sarasota and have no doubt of His guidance and mercy. Fear of the Lord is wisdom. My kids in Israel were invaluable help.

  6. Elinor Rector-Barnes says:

    As the disasters increase, our Blessed Hope becomes ever stronger and We need to pray
    Rev 22:20, the last Prayer in the Bible! God bless and keep you all. Calif seems to have
    been spared an earthquk, praise God! Shalom.