Sprite Argentina Ad Celebrates ‘Pride,’ Depicts Mother Applying Makeup to Son, Another Binding Daughter’s Breasts

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  1. dan.w says:

    What we are witnessing is a ‘bloodless coup’..bloodless for now.At the trajectory we are going I don’t want to guess the when’s or where’s…I know the why…We HAVE FORSAKEN GOD…That is the whole of the matter.We have let thorn’s and briar’s overgrow the gates,and stone marker’s.Put another way..We have ignored God,His precept’s,His Christ,and our mandate.What this country was founded on is under direct frontal attack of the first magnitude.For ‘good’ people to sit at the sideline’s and let this tragedy occur with just about ZERO resistance..Godly Biblical resistance..is beyond me.The kettle,[the left’ is calling the pot black.EVERYTHING they attempt to charge our president with is what they are guilty of..time’s ten.] Can our country survive much longer,when the rule of law,the Lawgiver,and any semblance of sanity is chucked under the speeding bus of sheer insane madness.When ‘obama’ appear’s conservative compared to the ‘new crop’ of misfit outlaw’s..we are Hell bound and tied.Until and unless real blood bought Christian’s put their blessed assurance in gear…we can and will retreat to a place from where we can never come back from.Why is it SOOOO hard to get the ‘average believer to get in motion for Christ?What spell has been cast upon them..or are they really enemy pretender’s…fill their bellie’s,wallet’s,coffer’s and Hell’s roll call?We can say..We are His!,[Christ’s]…but do we,in reality bear this out?..or did we buy our own lie? P.S. GOD bless you president Trump.and all who have spine enough to see you through this ‘satanic court room drama….’…It is not a novel thing to reach other’s for Christ.This is what we were supposed to be doing all along.Remember folk’s…Jesus is seeing all of this…and our responses…and takes note. I fear many ,many Christian’s are ‘hogtied’ by dissobedience and complacency and do not know they are either in the devil’s camp,or their secret sin’s have shamed them into silence.People have a ton of excuse’s and ‘holy reason’s’ not to become involved.’Oh,politic’s is a dirty game’….If that is so,why not shed some ‘Christian light on it?..just a thought.

  2. dan.w says:

    A stationary target is easy to hit.Maybe,that’s why many of ‘our brethren’ are not heard or seen in ‘God’s field.’…Jesus liked to tell parable’s…They are lesson’s designed to make us think,[engage]…Here are some I remember from past preacher’s..They are not in the Bible,but,tell me if they hit home…A certain man was in a flood ravaged area…He was on his roof..water rising higher and higher.He prayed,’Lord’..please deliver me from this flood…I cannot swim..Help Me!!!,Well,about ten minutes later,a man in a row boat came by,noticed his situation..and asked..Can I help you?..to which the man on the roof said..No..I’m waiting for the Lord to deliver me..go away..About ten minutes after that,the national guard happened by,seeing the waters rise quickly..said to the man..do you need help???..No,said the man..I’m waiting on the Lord…They left.About 2 minutes later,a helicopter flew overhead..a loudspeaker voice blared out…NEED HELP/???,No,the man replied,God will save me….Well,that man drowned.In heaven,the man asked God…Where were you!!!.I prayed for you to save me…and nothing!!!…God replied..I sent a man in a boat,the national guard..even a helicopter to save you……..and you refused….Second story…A certain body builder..world class in fact was also a Christian missionary.He went to Africa on a missions trip.There he saw skinny,hungry hard working men,all pulling together to move big logs out of the way to make a walking path.That night,around a camp fire,the body builder was telling of his life as a pro body builder,and flexing his tan oil sheen muscles this way and that..posing proudly as if to win a trophy..when..suddenly,one of the skinny workers almost shyly asked…Sir..I don’t mean any disrespect..but..what do you do with all those muscles??Do you move things?..lift logs??Why do you lift weight?..Well the reason I lift weights is so I can pose,and perhaps win a prize…to which the skinny worker sadly looked down and said..Is that all!!!..What a waste……………….