Syria ‘reaffirms’ commitment to restore Golan Heights

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  1. John: It seems like the pieces to the Psalm 83 puzzle are falling into place rather quickly. Found this news article yesterday and wonder if this is Jordan’s King Abdullah II’s way out to save face or maybe to avoid the kind of thing that is happening in Syria.,,16286107,00.html

    It is just so amazing to watch these things come together. Thanks for all your work bringing us this info.


  2. Uh-oh–noticed that the link did not work. I guess you may need to type in the whole thing. If it does not work, what the article says is:

    Jordan’s King Abdullah II has dissolved the country’s parliament, calling for elections to be held before the end of the year. The royal palace made the announcement on the eve of a major opposition rally.

    “The king has decided to dissolve the chamber of deputies from this Thursday and to call early elections,” a statement from the royal palace said. It gave no suggested dates, but the reigning monarch said he wants the polls to be held by the end of 2012.