Syria: We’ll ‘Choose the Moment’ to Hit Back

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  1. Mary E. says:

    Thanks for giving us a heads up on Naftali Bennett. I have not heard of him, but I will certainly keep an eye on him now. And …praying for him.

  2. Irene C says:

    I have been following your blog for several years. Thank you Brother John for keeping us up to date on the important news and explaining how it fits in with the prophetic time-line. There are many who are still awake and are watching the signs. It won’t be long before we will be going Home.

  3. Julia says:

    WOW JOHN !!!! A new level of your ministry “USA PROPHECY” What a blessing and well deserved for all the work you do to search to give this blog it’s insights.To God Be The Glory!
    I would like to know what you think of the KJV of the Dake’s bible agree or not? God’s Blessing Is Upon This Ministry!

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I know nothing about Dake’s Bible.
      I am really excited about the new level of the ministry.
      God bless you you

  4. Julia says:

    Thank You John for opinion on Dake’s.I will tell friend as I always tell others to just stay with original KJV.It holds the power of the living God!.I Love this ministry!God Bless You.

  5. Mrs. CJB says:

    May God Bless, protect and empower Naftali Bennett. @Julia, I have perused a friend’s Dakes Bible. I would like to have another opportunity to look at it. The commentary in this Bible looked very good to me. I had read about Mr. Dakes before I had the opportunity to see his Bible. It seems he was a very godly man filled with the Spirit.

  6. BadCompany says:

    God Bless Israel, the people of Israel & All my brothers & sisters. Praise God!

  7. Barbara in VA says:

    At first I was not going to comment on “Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible”, but based on some of the other comments, I feel the need to make a statement here. Years ago, back in the late 70’s if I remember correctly, I bought a Dake’s bible based on a recommendation of someone I respected at the time. However, when I got the Bible and started reading his “annotations” and other explanations in Genesis, I was appalled at what he was “teaching”. He is calling Genesis the story of re-creation rather than creation. What I figured he was doing was trying to reconcile the Biblical account with the theory of evolution. He wrote of Lucifer’s flood and other references to Lucifer having a kingdom before God’s creation as written in Genesis–very confusing things. So, if anyone is looking for a study Bible, I certainly would not recommend Dake’s. I never got beyond Genesis in this particular Bible–my Dake’s is like new because I put it out of sight and never used it again!


  8. inhisservice says:

    Game-changing Russian missiles ‘already in Syria’

    Keep looking up, the King is coming.

  9. inhisservice says:

    Anti-Christian war raging at Pentagon

    Keep looking up, the King is coming.

  10. inhisservice says:

    Echoes of Isaiah? ‘We’re back and better than ever’

    Keep looking up, the King is coming.

  11. dan .w says:

    Luke 4;18,Where Jesus quotes Isaiah 61;1 and says He was sent to heal the brokenhearted,is found in the KJV,but is suspiciously absent in all the [newer versions]..I guess thats satan trying to steal the word so people will turn to men,or psychology,and not to Christ.The devil is really sneaky and not many pastors or others address this deliberate omission..maybe because they don’t know its missing…Well,I do..and many of you do.Thanks brother John and Gail Ripplinger for bringing this to our attention.Lets make this an issue that won’t go away,so we can send the poor copies to the dust bin…where they belong.God’s word is not to be tampered with.Its a matter of life and death,temporal and eternal for many.God bless all who love Christ,Dan.w And,thank you God for preserving your word…in the KJV.

  12. Irene C says:

    I also appreciate the insight on Dake’s. I use KJV but I like to compare different versions. I had never heard about this but I know that I will stay away from it.

  13. Julia says:

    Thank You sooo much Mrs.CJB & Dan W,my brother & sister in Christ………..This is exactly why I come to this site…It holds the answers from the true Body Of Christ believers! God Bless You all who although very hard at times have chose to stay on that narrow road that leads us home!!!!!!!!God’s Blessing IS upon this ministry!

  14. dan .w says:

    I’ve been mentioning the parallel verses of Isaiah 61;1-2,and Luke 4;18-19 to my mom,my aunt/uncle,and other believers in hopes that they would see that Jesus was sent and did come to heal their broken hearts.This promise was so important,that satan had to steal it from other Bible versions.The converse would seem to me to be..satan wants all believers to have a broken heart.Think of how our enemy would have us to feel defeated,with that promise taken from us.Can any of us function with a broken heart?,I know I couldn’t.Please don’t let the wicked one take this promise from Christ Himself to us…Jesus loses nothing.He misses nothing…and He WILL heal your broken heart…ask Him to..even now.He is faithful to all His promises…God bless all of you,Dan.w

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      You understand exactly what happened and why satan took healing the brokenhearted out of Luke 4:18.
      If he cannot stop a person from being saved then he wants to keep them in bondage..

  15. Ryan Thomas says:

    Hi everyone, the best study Bible I have ever read, was a KJV written by Dr. Ed Hindson- president of World Prophetic ministry.
    Love to all who love The Lord.

  16. dan .w says:

    Please pray for God’s seed to bear fruit.I had the opportunity to go to my nephews confirmation.He is Jewish,so I was at a Jewish congregation.Seeking the Lord beforehand,I presented a painting I felt led to do,and presented it to the Rabbi,for the congregation.It was an impressionist view of the holocaust,looking from inside out of internment.On back I put the Scriptures Psalm 30;4-5,Psalm 2,and Isaiah 53.Please pray this will touch hearts and bear righteous fruit for the lovely name of Christ.Thank you all,God bless.Dan.w Thank you brother John for inspiring us to reach higher to help reach the lost.

  17. dan .w says:

    I incorrectly stated on my previous post Psalm 30;4-5.It really was Proverbs 30;4-5.I believe the Lord will powerfully use this opportunity.From start to finish,it was all Him.It was almost as if I was in the third person,watching all this transpire.The painting was an inspiration,after working at a secular Jewish household,doing repairs.While there,inspiration hit,and I felt led to paint ,with some of the art,as holocaust scenes .Those of course are very moving,as they are impressionist in form,with powerful colors/symbols.It was as if I was there,in the barbed pens with them,sharing the suffering.Looking at the paintings,one can sense a kinship,compassion woven through the pain.With the survivors passing off the scene due to age,this is I believe,timed by the Lord.We are near the end of the church age,and now is the time to reach out to the Jewish population,in mercy,and love,with the Truth.In a spirit of meekness and love,I presented this to the Rabbi,for his congregation.Nothing done for the Lord is ever wasted.He seemed very moved by this token of love.He the saw the scriptures listed on back,and asked about them.I told him they were some of my favorite verses.They are now in his hands,and in His hands.The three scriptures listed all speak volumes of the Messiah.After all,..isn’t that what it’s all about?Thank you Jesus,for letting me observe you work.God bless all of you out there,Dan.w

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