Syrian civil war spills into Lebanon

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  1. dan .w says:

    The stories of Sweden/England show how we curse ourselves because we refuse the God of the Bible.There is no vacuum here,because evil quickly fills the void left when righteousness is banished.This is coming to a city near you.Get prayed up.Dan.w

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. Thank you SO much! Just curious if you’ve heard about the comments the Pope made regarding redemption for atheists who do good?

  3. dan .w says:

    If you have been keeping track,islam has been making inroads through every country at nearly the same time.Secular humanism is no match for it,and all the lefties and God haters and lukewarm will roll over like a dog who wants his belly scratched.Surely..a showdown is in the offing.It’s not gonna be pretty.Our Father God..take us into account,and shelter us beneath your wings of mercy and protection.Make us bold,in the face of opposition,but with the right Spirit.Open our Spiritual eye’s to all of what surrounds us..Good and bad,so we may make the most of every opportunity you present to us,to stand in Your Truth.For Your Honor,and Your Glory, raise up the lovely name of Christ for all to see.Amen. Dan.w

  4. Irene C says:

    Brother John, I thank you so much for your blogs. I follow the news daily through several websites and reputable blogs and pass on the warnings. It is so comforting to read these same articles from a Biblical point of view. If I weren’t a Christian and if I didn’t believe that soon our Bridegroom was coming for His Bride, I would be frightened. Praise God for His infallible Truth. Maranatha.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Titus 2:13 Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

  5. Norman Page says:

    As an Englishman working in a rural area of the country: we have a tremendous cultural heritage. Many of the hardworking farming folk are so decent and genuine. There’s still such a residue of kindness and respect for others that defines our people, shaped by our past Christian heritage. Many hate the things that are going on.

    It’s generally somewhat different in the cities, and in other parts of Europe, by degrees. It’s the ‘chattering classes’ and politicians (including most senior churchmen) who are the problem. However, most understand that an extreme right-wing reaction would be disastrous, akin to what happened in Nazi Germany. So we couldn’t go back to Cromwell’s time to impose our creed: as per the reconstructionists (Cf.Gal 2:18).

    This exactly mirrors the situation in Judaea at the time of Christ. Jesus saw the people as ‘sheep without a shepherd’, and many heard him gladly. But the hierarchy brought on the destruction. If its not too late, we need a grass-roots revival – exactly as happened in Israel before its destruction. Populist Barabbas saved his skin, but it was Jesus who showed us the way.

    There’ve been so many phony revivals lately; and false sects, plus the Darwinian Delusion abound; and now we have the pseudo-godly zeal of Islam. If our people are ever to turn to God and be converted in large numbers, as in the days of Wesley, it will certainly have to be by the very power of God (not that anything too hard for the Lord). But, world events show time is short, and the revival of Joel 2:28-3:21 is ever nearer.

  6. Rev Pete says:

    It really does seem like things are starting to come to a head in the Middle East. Especially when the Russian deputy foreigh minister says that the sale of missles to Syria was to keep the hot heads from intervening in Syria.

  7. Byron says:

    Christians need to be more bold! If the Lord goes before us and if (we) Christians stand our ground we have the most powerful force in the universe ready to bat for us!
    Lord first, family second and somewhere down the line we (Christians) stand! We’re not here to please those who Satan is their god! Stand for the Lord or stand alone!
    Sweden had gone south along time before the Stockholm syndrome! They chose to leave the Lord, the Lord gave them over to their foolishness! Christians (many) here in the States are just simply scared, forgetting what we have in Jesus! They just may bring us before Pilot before Daniels week! The voice of those who Gave their lives for the Lord and brothers caused the Church to grow leaps and bounds! HE chose us to live in this block of time, He knows our (true) potential, we do not!
    The early Church prayed for boldness, He is our Wisdom!

    …Heb 13:6…

  8. Cynthia says:

    This is a very interesting background on Eric Holder and whom he chose to pardon at the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency, namely member or members of weather underground. It goes on to show Holder, Obama and these weather underground members anti-Israel involvement/background. WOW:

  9. Cynthia says:

    Identical twin studies prove homosexuality is not genetic:

  10. Things seems to get worse every day with the homosexual agenda being forced on everyone. It seems they are out to destroy our children now – using the school cirriculum to advance their agenda. How long can this go on? Here is a headline from my corner of the world –

    Come Lord Jesus, come soon!

  11. Nancy J. says:

    I discovered on You Tube a four part series from David Wilkerson called “The Towers have fallen down” it’s a sermon he gave from 2001 after 9-11..He confirms a lot of insights John is proclaiming and he talks about Isaiah 9:10, “The bricks have fallen and we will rebuild” This is similar to Johnathan Cain’s preaching of the Harbinger…I was blessed by viewing this series…

  12. Angelic Warrior says:

    John, I don’t mean to start a controversy here or transmit gossip/rumors but I was wondering something. I am in nearly 100% agreement on what you address here, and I am most certainly in agreement on your stance concerning the sodomites; what I am confused about is, pertaining to another entry posted a couple of days ago that used Judge Andrew Napolitano’s opinion. is why would you use him? For about a year now, I was under the assumption that he, like his common name non-relative Janet Napolitano, was gay as could be. Those have been the prevailing rumors I have seen. If that is the case, why on Earth would I care 1 iota about ANYTHING either of them would say? If that makes me homophobic or hateful in someones eyes, I apologize, but ever since I heard that rumor about the Judge I can’t quite look at him in the same light I used to, regardless of if he is talking about our country or not. If the rumors are incorrect, I stand corrected, but this guy(certainly not the case with “Jan the Man”) has a heck of a platform and a lot of fans. If he is gay, why would anything he says matter?

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      I never use the word “gay” but homosexual.
      This is the first I heard there was even a rumor he was a homosexual.
      It is the first time I quoted him and probably the last.
      I’d be very careful about rumors

  13. Mary E. says:

    John Kerry makes the comment that the peace process is being blocked, by the fact that the Israelis are too prosperous and secure.

    This is the same kind of mindset that permeated the Roosevelt State Department when Hitler began persecuting the German Jews. Many in the U.S. government felt the Jews had brought the problems on themselves because they were too successful and held a monopoly of higher positions within the German government, before the rise of Hitler. I have no doubt that Roosevelt quietly agreed with this. Now we have history repeating itself.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Thanks for sending this to me.
      Lately people have been sending me great articles that I posted on the blog.
      This is a great one that I had not seen but will post.

  14. Joshua says:

    Just wanted to add a link to the article in which Jerome Kagan made his controversial statement:

    People, especially parents, interested in more info related to the misdiagnosing and overprescribing of drugs involving children might get something from the book “The Diseasing of America’s Children”…

    God richly bless John and each of you reading this.

    • JohnMcTernan says:

      Thanks so much, this was another fantastic article sent to me.
      I will post this one.
      Keep them coming!

  15. B. Ross says:

    Ever since Obummer has become President, Illinois, especially Chicago, has been getting hit hard with all types of disasters. However, I do not believe that we have seen anything yet. The Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (democrat) stated that he may be signing a gay marriage bill into law by Friday. Gay rights groups and even former President Bill Clinton are placing mounting pressure on House members to make the state the “13th” in the nation to approve gay marriage. Illinois get ready, here comes judgment!

    May God continue to protect those who are his. God bless!

  16. dan .w says:

    I believe all these ‘crisis’,are engineered/organized to be front and center now,so when[if]the next election occurs,the short term memory loss public will have forgotten by then,so a [fresh candidate],…potentially a lesbian progressive will announce it’s candidate ready,and swoop in to finish us off as a nation.Everybody,including those who don’t exist,will rally around this reprobate underdog..except for us Christians,and our vote don’t or won’t count much anyhow.Are you not glad that we are just passing through,and this is not our home?For now,I believe the teflon president will keep on skating through all this like it’s a mirage.God is using him as a whip on us,until He’s done…then satan gets him,and unlike Job,gets destroyed,save a miracle conversion.I probably makes you puke…but we should pray for the occupant at 1600 too.We were once lost,and I’m sure prayer had a part in our salvation.God bless all of you,Dan.w

  17. Madrid says:

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