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Russia: As the European Union Has Done to Israel

After posting yesterday, I notice that the events within Russia were coinciding with the Europeans recognizing the terrorist group Hamas and pressuring, forcing Israel to recognize a Palestinian state. Hamas made a covenant to destroy Israel. Its goal is the complete destruction of not only Israel but all Jews. The European nations are getting harder by the day against the Lord and His word.

World War 3: Russian Economic Meltdown

The world scene is starting to look like pre-World War 2 Japan. In 1937, Japan invaded China and the world wanted Japan out of China. Japan refused to pullout, but needed oil to continue its war. Japan received 80 percent of its oil from the US, and the rest from other countries.

As America Has Done to Israel

It does now appear as Obama pushes his plan to divide Israel that God is using nature to rise up against America. After all the fires, floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornado storms now this massive snow storm, while Kerry is in Israel to divide the land.