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BLOG POST: As France Has Done to Israel

It does appear that Europe has reached the point of no return with God. The European nations are in complete rebellion and are unified in dividing Israel and Jerusalem. They want a Palestinian state in spite of the Bible states. These states also promote homosexuality and abortion. I am convinced that is using Islam as a “rod of judgment” against the Europeans.

BLOG POST: Islam’s Advance in America

billboard-dallasIt is really troubling that Islam can be so aggressive in America with little response against them. The Muslims posted this billboard in Dallas, Texas. It links the Lord Jesus to Islam, and that He was a Muslim! How about thousands responding to it with a testimony of Jesus Christ that He is the the Savior and the only begotten Son of God. They are inviting you to call, so why not. You can call 877 949-47526 (correct number

Israel and the Middle East War

ISIS is gaining power and popularity. The youth seemed enthralled with it. Obama is powerless to stop the caliphate. Our focus now is on ISIS as it is the spearhead from the coming caliphate. This is group will energize Sunni Muslims throughout the world. The Muslim uprising will not be limited to the Middle East. As the caliphate grows watch the Muslims in Europe join forces and try to overthrow nations. There is much bloodshed coming, as like Nazism, Islam can only be destroyed through force.

As America Has Done to Israel

he world has now entered into dangerous waters. Russia is not the least bit worried about Obama and is now moving ahead with its agenda. I see its agenda as reestablishing the Russian empire. Russia will be the major European Empire during the Ezekiel 38 war.

‘Peaceful’ Brotherhood Protesters Torching Coptic Christian Churches

Look at the Fury as Muslim Mob Destroys Church in Egypt

Egypt and Syria are now in full scale civil wars. I believe this is the beginning of God’s judgment on these nations, which is going to end in the total destruction of both of them.