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Pizzagate (Pedophilia) Is Real: Something Is Going On, But What?

This is nothing short of nauseating – the Wikileaks release of Podesta’s emails make clear that there is satanic ritual abuse of children going on through Comet Ping Pong Pizza and an underground network- the emails were in back & white, in their own words. Now the mainstream media is working overtime to try and debunk the reality of all this and make the pedophiles sound like victims… Is the entire Hard Left structure wired into pedophilia? Is this occurring with both the Democrats and Republicans?

New 666 Surveillance Post: Digital Cash Tested by Wall Street in Secret Meeting

There are 9 articles and three videos in this 666 Surveillance System post, with two of them copied below, along with the Commentary.

We’ve known for years that a cashless society is coming, and there have been many indications recently that it’s very close – from biometric scans at grocery stores to the move toward cards with chips to implants in the human body. All of these technological advances are preparing us for a world without cash.

NSA whistleblowers: Government spying on every single American!

“When you open up the Pandora’s Box of just getting access to incredible amounts of data, for people that have no reason to be put under suspicion, no reason to have done anything wrong, and just collect all that for potential future use or even current use, it opens up a real danger — and to what else what they could use that data for, particularly when it’s all being hidden behind the mantle of national security,