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There is an unseen battle over Israel taking place within the Church in America. This is a test of the heart and soul of believers to see who are wheat and who are tares. The tares are being exposed as rebellious against God and his word. Many of them have a seething, vicious hatred of Israel, and have the same spirit in them as Muslims. Their hearts are getting harder, and Lord will judge them like he is going to do with the Muslims.
These people have no excuse because Israel is once again a nation with Jerusalem as its capital and the Israelis speak Hebrew. These people are deep in rebellion and the Lord may have hardened them into this mindset for judgment. I have little time for their lies and twisting of the word of God to their own destruction.

Teaching: The Spirit of Truth vs the Spirit of Error Regarding Israel

Any person that tampers with the literalness of Christ’s Second Coming is playing with spiritual fire and is falling under the danger being condemned as being from the spirit of antichrist. How can someone claim to being led by the Holy Spirit and deny the literalness of Christ’s Second Coming, and in many cases actively hinder the fulfillment of God’s prophetic word? How can someone claim Jesus Christ as his Savior, and yet refuse to see the connection between the everlasting covenant and modern Israel?