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Sharia Creeps in Canada as House of Commons Passes Islamic Blasphemy Motion

Because Canada is our neighbor, what happens there can have ramifications in America. We share a very long border, and if Canada is going down like Europe, it would be easy for terrorists to enter America.
I can see a day, very soon, when Godly Canadians may have to flee to America to get away from oppression. The Hard Left are in control in Canada, maybe worse than in America. They will destroy Canada.
Would it be a fair trade, since President Trump likes great deals, for all of the Christians in Canada to come to America, with us giving them 10 Muslims in exchange for each? This way everyone is happy.

George Whitefield and the Great Awakening Revival

In light of all the dreadful news, I wanted you see how the power of God worked in America. The lead article is about George Whitefield, the great British evangelist who had such a huge impact on the founding of America. God gave give him a supernatural voice, in that his voice projected great distances. Huge crowds of people could hear, which today would require amplification!
Whitefield was one of many great evangelists who won enormous numbers of people to the Lord. Today we need 100 Whitefields all across the nation preaching under the great anointing of the Lord.

Syria on the Brink

All eyes are now on Assad and Syria. He is losing control of the country and has threatened to start World War 3. He has threatened to attack Israel as a last effort before leaving power. He knows that if he kills Jews that in the Muslim world he will be a hero. Iran is backing him along with Russia.

URGENT: The Collapse of Syria

So many critical events are happening so fast, I literally cannot keep up with it now! It appears that Syria is not going to last through the weekend. The rebels are within Damascus and Assad cannot stop them. Some of Assad’s top generals and diplomats have defected.