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Science BLOG: 666 System UPDATE

Latest update of the 666 Surveillance System blog posting. Lots of great information to keep you on the cutting edge of high technology and how it is leading to the 666 Surveillance System. This is the lead article: DARPA Brain Chips to Implant False Memory: Mind Control Redux?

Pharaoh Obama and God’s Judgment

Every curse of God is now resting on Obama and unfortunately the nation. He is just like ancient Pharaoh that God raised up to make is power known. It really seems that this is what the Lord is now doing with Obama. He mocked God in every way and now Obama is being mocked.

WORLD EVANGELISM: Prophecy Packet Update

My ministry of shipping the Prophecy Packets has really taken off. The packet is going all over the world and having a great impact. This material is literally starting revivals in Kenya, India and Pakistan and to a lesser degree in many other countries.

Israel and the Middle East War

ISIS is gaining power and popularity. The youth seemed enthralled with it. Obama is powerless to stop the caliphate. Our focus now is on ISIS as it is the spearhead from the coming caliphate. This is group will energize Sunni Muslims throughout the world. The Muslim uprising will not be limited to the Middle East. As the caliphate grows watch the Muslims in Europe join forces and try to overthrow nations. There is much bloodshed coming, as like Nazism, Islam can only be destroyed through force.