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Franklin Graham: Is the Handwriting on the Wall for America?

I believe that Franklin Graham is God’s man of the hour. He is like a voice crying out in the wilderness, but very few are listening. He very well might be God’s last watchman before the final judgment. Where are the multitudes of pastors crying out with him? He is faithful to the Lord, and through his ministry of going to all the state capitals and crying out to the Lord, American has been warned.
We are crying out to the Lord three nights a week for repentance and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We have warned so there is no blood on our heads for not warning the nation.
May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.

‘Prejudice Is Prejudice’: Biden Says Gay Rights Trump Culture

I said earlier this month to watch the end of June. Obama was pushing homosexuality on the nation through his declaration of June being national homosexual month. He did this for June since he became president and each June was full of disasters. I knew in my spirit that June was going to end horrible for him and the nation. This is what I wrote on June 5th:

God’s Final Warning to California/America

Right now California is under the worst drought in 500 years. The rains have stopped, starting in December 2012. God is now directly dealing with the sin and rebellion of the state and America. As the drought destroys California, it will bring judgment on America’s food supply.

As America Has Done to Israel

It does now appear as Obama pushes his plan to divide Israel that God is using nature to rise up against America. After all the fires, floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornado storms now this massive snow storm, while Kerry is in Israel to divide the land.

God’s Final Warning to America

What we need in the church and spreading across America is the linkage of these words: American homosexual agenda – North Korean nuclear weapons. The latest threat by North Korea to attack America came as Obama is promoting homosexuality in the Boy Scouts. While he is doing this, NK is once again telegraphing that it is going to attack America with nuclear weapons.

Dumpster Diving in New York City

It is painful to watch the news about the catastrophic damage in the New York City area. I see no coming back. The federal government, New York State and City are broke. Many have lost their jobs and everything. This could accelerate the downward economic spiral in these states. There are going to be maybe 100, 000 or more refugees. There could be anarchy resulting form this. Watch the Hard Left try and capitalize on it, if Romney wins.

Hurricane Sandy and the Perfect Storm

Hurricane Sandy and the Perfect Storm

What I want all the homosexuals and their supporters to understand is that America is under judgment for more than making homosexuality an ordinance. America is also under judgment for pressuring Israel to divide the land and Jerusalem which is forbidden in the Bible. The judgments for touching Israel start on October 30, 1991.