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New Health Blog Post – Foods Coming from China: Filled with plastics, pesticides and hazards

This may be one of the most important blog posts we’ve ever done because of the articles on the dangerous, contaminated foods that are being imported from China. The first step in protecting your health is nutrition, and when foods not only lack nutrition but are potentially hazardous or could cause fatalities, then it’s time to pay careful attention to where your food originates and under what circumstances it’s being produced – both for yourself and your pets.
Whenever possible, buy local, fresh produce and meats, rather than canned or frozen. At a minimum, make certain that labels tell you where these foods originate and are processed, and if they don’t tell you that information, DON’T but them. It may take a bit longer to use fresh ingredients, and they may cost a bit more, but what is your health worth to you?
Why is all of this happening? See below for videos that answer this question.
God bless you.

New Health Blog Post: Be Careful What You’re Eating!

The goal of this blog is to build up your health and especially the immune system to withstand the coming pestilences that are now rampant in America and the world. God gave us the knowledge to prepare for pestilences, so take advantage of this information. The focus is posting articles with great information that can immediately help your health and quality of life. God bless you.