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France’s Reign of Terror “Lead…the enemies of the people by terror…”

Please take the time to read the article I’ve posted about the French Revolution. It gives great information about what happened. If you follow my writing, you will notice that I often compare the Hard Left in America with the spirit of the French Revolution. This article is a must-read because you will understand the reprobate mind in action during the French Revolution.
The reprobate mind is ruthless and hates God and this is what is starting to manifest in America. Their goal is to try and destroy us, just as the Nazis went after the Jews. If we resist them, it will enrage them and lead to violence. They are dangerous people and not to be ignored.
Only a direct move of God can hold them back because they are energized by the spirit of antichrist and getting ready for the man of sin. At the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, he will put an end to those people with a reprobate mindset.

URGENT: Attempted Murder of Pro Family People

It now appears that a line has been crossed in the spiritual realm. The battle that was in the heavenly has now become physical. Terrorist tried to murder the employees of Family Research Council’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. The gunman was stopped by a guard who was then shot. The terrorist made statements he was here because of what the Council stands for. He was reported carrying a bag from Chick-fil-A.