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,Daily Digest: Hard Left, Israel Middle East War, Islam-IslamoFascism

Please do not that I am “sour grapes” and just negative, but this group of pastors is not going to stop anything. They are fighting this political when the battle is spiritual. America has been turned over to the Hard Left reprobates for judgment. The only way to stop this is massive numbers of pastors leading their congregations in REPENTANCE for offending God’s holiness and then crying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit to beat back the spirit of antichrist.

Daily Digest: Romney, Israel and the Middle East War, Floods,Famines,Fires,etc.

The governments of Japan and the US have lied from the start and the main media will not report on this. The big concern is that a powerful earthquake in the area will crack the water pool cooling the reactor rods. The water will leak out and the rods will over heat causing an explosion. This will spew highly radio active cesium-137 into the air and the winds will take it to America.